Freak. Out.

So, there is this saying here, “Allah Korusun.” It’s not really a saying so much as the equivalent of a cheesy bumper sticker like, “Jesus is my Co-Pilot” or something. It means, “God protect.” And while I’m sure they only write it as a fatalistic what-happens-happens kind of thing, tonight I’m thankful that it’s true. Let me give a brief example why. 

Josh is out of town this week at a conference, so I’m on single parent duty with the kiddo. Aside from a weird screaming tantrum yesterday, he’s actually been really good. He generally is. Anyway, tonight I was picking up his toys in the living room while his bath filled up and he was just roaming back and forth with his toys. Then, I hear this loud crash…. but no scream or cry or anything. So of course, I run to the bathroom. And there is Lincoln, standing in the middle of a large pile of shattered glass. He tried to carry our scale somewhere, but dropped it at the bathroom door. The scale is usually pushed up under the cabinets, but I guess it was poking out just enough to make him curious. Ugh. 

So, I picked him up and grabbed everything I needed to clean it up while carrying him around, then threw him in the bathtub while I swept, vacuumed and mopped up the mess. And he has no idea anything was wrong. 

Praise the Lord the kid was too stunned to know what happened as he stood there in his bare feet surrounded by little shards of glass. Praise the Lord. 

Mom of the year, right here. 


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