Lincoln’s bedtime since our trip to the states has been 8pm. Until yesterday, I made sure he was awake by 7am in the morning to protect his nap schedule since he still napped twice a day. Well, thanks to exigent circumstances, he only did one nap yesterday (and it’s time to drop the morning nap anyway), so we let him sleep til he wakes up now. 

Yesterday he slept until 7:40. 

Today he slept until 8:30. EIGHT THIRTY! Seriously. That’s 12.5 hours. And I went to bed pretty early last night too, at 9:30, so that means I got over 10 hours of sleep. Or at least, I was in the bed for over 10 hours. Sleep is a bit elusive right now. 

Man, I want him to keep this up! But next week is the dreaded time change, so we’ll see what happens. 

On another note, I’m giving up sugar (like candy, desserts, and hopefully soda) until Halloween. Not that we have halloween here, but it’s a good goal. So, for 12 days. I’m gonna die. But I have to write about it or I’ll just give in and eat things anyway because I have no will power. 


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