15 Months

Well, time continues to pass and I continue to deny it. And somehow it’s October 14, 2013 and Lincoln is 15 months old. I seriously feel like Josh’s parents were just here… it’s been a year. And this crazy boy is so much fun!

A few recent antics:

As I was typing the last sentence, Lincoln was walking on the couch, stepped to the edge, giggled at Josh and jumped off. No, we didn’t let him really jump off. Josh just flipped him and bounced him and laid him on the ground. One day he’ll learn, right?

A few nights ago we were at our friends house and Lincoln started pushing the buttons on the cable box and dvd player. The first time I said, “No sir!” he stopped and walked away. When he started doing it again, he didn’t respond so great to correction and I had to pop his hand. He didn’t cry, but turned around and walked toward Josh pointing at the hand I had to pop with this pitiful look on his face like, “Did you see what she did?”

This morning Josh went to take a nap and I was trying to keep Lincoln in the living room. He walked to the door, opened it a crack, waved bye-bye and walked to the back to find Josh. Apparently he didn’t want to play with mommy today.

He had his first chocolate chip cookie last night:

He loved it. And it was EVERYWHERE. This was the first time we actually took him from the dinner table and put him in the bath tub.

His favorite words are dog (daaahhh) and uh-oh, which is hilarious. He doesn’t have a ton of words, but there are a few noticeable ones, at least. He’ll throw a word out while we’re out walking and then not say it again for a few weeks. He’s so stubborn.

He’s a champ at saying bye-bye, unless we’re trying to get him to say it to our building manager… in which case he just stares at him every time. And every time, he makes some comment like, “What, he hasn’t learned bye-bye yet?” Oh well.

We were on this awesome nap schedule, and all the sudden he’s going crazy every single time we lay him down. I think it’s time to drop the morning nap and just have one nap a day, but we’re going out east next week and I don’t want to change his schedule up and then travel.

He’s eating….. better. But we still can’t get him to eat fruits or veggies unless it’s cooked in something. Like tonight, we made these and he ate as much as I did. He even ate the chicken!

Josh has an old cell phone that we couldn’t get unlocked to use here, so he put music on it and Lincoln has been walking around with it glued to his ear for a week. Who is he talking to?

Then there’s the Peanuts christmas book that plays 10 complete christmas songs. We’re on the second set of batteries. I don’t know if we’re gonna survive the holiday season if we have to listen to that book this much. Thanks a lot mom, thanks a lot.

And today. He has busted a lip, bitten his finger, closed his finger in a drawer and hit his cheek on the corner of a toy. Ugh, battle wounds. Usually, they either follow or are followed by his newly found favorite past time… tantrums. Oh, joy. They’re not bad yet, but I know it’s coming. Pray for patience.

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