Packages, Packages.

Just when we were on a roll with getting intact packages….

Mom sent a package 3.5 weeks ago and I was getting a little worried that it wasn’t here yet. Well, today we got a registered envelope with a note inside that said there were ‘forbidden’ things in our package and if we would like to pick up what we can, we can get it at the local post office.

So off we went to the post office with our letter in hand. The guy we need to talk to is out to lunch (even though we went before noon to avoid that very problem). So Lincoln roamed around and had a good time in the waiting area until he got there. We hand him the letter and say we understand what it says but we don’t understand because we’ve gotten said ‘forbidden’ things in packages for 2 years now. He just says, yeah, there’s a low and it’s ‘forbidden’. Ok, dude, whatever. He tells us what we have to do to get our package and sends us on our way.

That’s when the scavenger hunt begins. We have to go to customs, so we follow the signs…. and end up at the wrong gate. We drive around to the other side and explain our situation to the guard who just points and says, yeah, over there by the trucks. It’s a harbor. There are trucks EVERYWHERE. We go to the building we think he pointed at (and it says ‘CUSTOMS’ on the side). Wrong building. Go over there by the trees. So we follow the road to the trees and there’s a building with another ‘CUSTOMS’ sign. Check. There’s only one door, so we go in. Turns out we’re at the back of the building and you can’t get through to the rest of the building from here. They take us around the outside to the front (which we could have found had the road not been blocked to get there).

We’re in the right place! Office number 1: explain our issue, sign a handwritten request to get our stuff. Office number 2: head guy looks at the request and says he approves. Office number 3: I have no idea what they did, but we had to wait a while because their system was down. Office number 4: The handwritten request is typed up in a more formal way and we sign again.

Then back to the original post office where our package had been waiting the whole time. 2 hours later, we made it home with our goods. At least Lincoln had fun running around meeting all the new people. One lady even picked him up and he just laid his head on her shoulder like she was his long lost friend or something.

Seeing as how I’ve never gotten an package in the states from overseas… do we have weird laws about what you can and can’t get. I mean, obviously no weapons or drugs, but are there laws against normal things like lotion? It’s just so weird.


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