This kid…

Long time, no type. I’m going to try to do better to post more often. Oops.

So, story of the day (or week, or month):

We are in the capital again…. which means eating out more than we’d like to. Lincoln had his two standard eat out meals yesterday, so for lunch today we were trying to think of something different and at least remotely healthy for him to eat and ended up getting (in American terms) an eggplant quesadilla. He eats eggplant and he loves quesadillas. Win-win, right? He ate 3 or 4 of the pieces we gave him then started wanting our food. We just kept pointing at his and telling him he had to eat his food first. He picked up a piece, nibbled on it (read: pretending to eat), slyly let it slip down his hip, then held up his hands and made the “I’m done” sign.

We totally busted out laughing in the middle of the food court. This kid. He is a mess.


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