About that Surgery

Ok, so I have a few minutes to spare… and this post is long over due.

2 weeks ago, on a Thursday Josh started having pain and on Friday went to the doc (which means it was pretty serious as he generally avoids the doctor like the plague here). The doc said go home, rest for 4 or 5 days so the pain subsides a bit and then come in and we’ll do the surgery. The conversation went something like this:

Doc: “Come in when your pain is less and we’ll do surgery.”
Josh: “What day should I come in?”
Doc: “Whenever the pain has gone a bit and you want to do surgery.”
Josh: “But what day?”
Doc: “Whenever you want.”
Josh: “But how do we schedule it?”
Doc: “Just come and we’ll do it.”
Josh: “But what time? What day?”
Doc: “This is a private clinic. We can do what we want. Just come in when you’re ready and we’ll do it that day.”
Josh: “Ok…. so we’ll see you Tuesday.”

Oh, schedules. How I miss thee.

So, Josh spent the weekend resting while I was on baby duty and on Tuesday around 9am, a friend picked all three of us up, dropped Josh and I at the hospital, then took Lincoln to play with their kids for the day. Seeing as how the doc said we could basically set the schedule, we figured the earlier you get there, the earlier things get done. Not so.

It’s like first come first server surgery here. So weird. So we do the paperwork, pay for the surgery and then sit with all the other people waiting for surgery while they get the room ready. At 10:30 or so we finally get into his room and, oh joy, it’s a shared room. But the guy who’s there is packing up and heads out 10 minutes after we got there, so we thought we were spared :). For 2 hours or so it was just us. Then Josh’s roommate came. And his (middle age?) daughter and her seven year old son. Isn’t that not allowed in recovery rooms? Whyyyyy is he here? Anyway, he wasn’t terrible and we were just hanging out waiting on the doc, so it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Lunch comes, I eat, Josh still can’t eat…. the roommate goes for tests, the roommate goes for surgery, the roommate returns from surgery…. and Josh’s doctor still hasn’t even come in. Finally he comes in and says “Hi, we’ll take you in a few hours. Ok? Ok.” And then he’s gone.

Finally at 4:00 they brought Josh a hospital gown and things started rolling.

At least we thought so. Around 5pm they finally got him and took him up… and I just transferred to the other waiting room, which was weird. So, I settled in with my computer and a show to wait. The doc came off the elevator and told me he’s going in, it shouldn’t be long. Then 5 minutes later they called me to the door only I didn’t hear because I had headphones on… so EVERYONE in the room starts getting my attention. THey probably thought I was the most uncaring person in the world, but the doctor had just talked to me. Anyway, I ran to the door and they just said, Ok, we’re starting now. Um, thanks. Things went well and we went back to our room at 6:30ish. Josh ate some soup around 8 and then we decided to try to sleep. Try being the operative word. First, the roommate’s daughter decided at 11pm that since her dad hadn’t eaten yet, he need to eat. So all the lights came on, the nurses came in, chit chat, etc. Ok, I can deal with that. Then at 4:30am the kid woke up and turned on the television! Are you kidding? Ugh. We got no sleep.

But, doc came in, things were good, and we headed home in the morning. And the doc said, “Oh, yeah, the day after the surgery you can just do everything like normal.” Bahhh, that’s funny. It was a good week before Josh was able to do more than walk for 20 minutes and get tired and sore. Baby duty for me.

And as for Lincoln. Praise the Lord for our friends! What we thought was going to be a few hours of baby sitting turned into 24+ hours. They were so gracious and he had a good time and even slept pretty well. His first sleepover 🙂

Climbing up the slide...

Climbing up the slide…

Playing with the big boys

Playing with the big boys