Bye, bye pacie!

Ok, so I’ve been dreading getting rid of the pacie for a while, but I knew it had to happen. We had to take it to the states (airplane, unfamiliar places, etc), but he spent so much of the trip so tired, that he ended up having it with him almost all the time. Not cool. 

Then we came back and went to a conference…. more new people and having the pacie more than normal. Ugh. 

Then he got sick. More pacie. 

By the end of it, I really thought he was super attached and I was going to hold off for a few weeks until things were normal again. 

Then, last Friday night I was up no less than 6 times to put the pacie back in his mouth for him to sleep. Too much. So, I thought if I’m gonna be up putting the pacie back…I might as well be up all night without it. 

Saturday morning, we took it away. And he cried for an HOUR before he finally fell asleep, beside me, in the bed. Noooot going well. 

But then, for his second nap he only cried for 5 minutes. 20 minutes at bed time. And he woke up at 10 til 6 and cried for like 20 minutes before he fell back asleep. And that was it. He even had to stay the night at our friends house Tuesday night (more on that later) and he did great! 

I’m totally impressed. We are so blessed!

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