Bye, bye pacie!

Ok, so I’ve been dreading getting rid of the pacie for a while, but I knew it had to happen. We had to take it to the states (airplane, unfamiliar places, etc), but he spent so much of the trip so tired, that he ended up having it with him almost all the time. Not cool. 

Then we came back and went to a conference…. more new people and having the pacie more than normal. Ugh. 

Then he got sick. More pacie. 

By the end of it, I really thought he was super attached and I was going to hold off for a few weeks until things were normal again. 

Then, last Friday night I was up no less than 6 times to put the pacie back in his mouth for him to sleep. Too much. So, I thought if I’m gonna be up putting the pacie back…I might as well be up all night without it. 

Saturday morning, we took it away. And he cried for an HOUR before he finally fell asleep, beside me, in the bed. Noooot going well. 

But then, for his second nap he only cried for 5 minutes. 20 minutes at bed time. And he woke up at 10 til 6 and cried for like 20 minutes before he fell back asleep. And that was it. He even had to stay the night at our friends house Tuesday night (more on that later) and he did great! 

I’m totally impressed. We are so blessed!


Lincoln’s first trip to the ER.

Nothing even crazy happened. He just happened to have a fever that wouldn’t go down on a day when the normal office isn’t open. So we went to the ER and they gave him some meds and made us hold cold cloths on him till his fever fell. He was not a fan…. but at least he’s better now 🙂

Poor Baby :(

Poor Baby 😦

Lincoln’s Last Birthday Party

Yes, we celebrated his first birthday for almost a month. Ridiculous, I know. But a few weeks ago we had one last get together with our American friends here to celebrate 🙂

We had originally planned the party for Thursday since it was a holiday here and all our national friends were busy with family. BUT, the streets in our neighborhood flooded…. and the stomach bug was going around, so we had to postpone. We did, however, let Lincoln open two of his presents that have been sitting around for a while waiting on him. The last one from J and I and one from Nana and Grandpa that they left here for him when they came. He’s finally getting the idea of this present thing.

Then our friends came over on Friday once everyone was over the stomach bug (at least we thought so at the time). It was madness, but fun at the same time. The kids all love Lincoln and the other younger kid who isn’t a baby anymore but is younger than the rest… so it got a little nuts when we tried to open presents. Oh well. Still fun 🙂

And on a random note. I know I’ve written before about Lincoln being a celebrity, but it’s just crazy. I got on the elevator to go run this morning with a lady I’ve never seen before and she was like.. is the little one sleeping? Where is he? How do people that I don’t know know him? Ugh.


1. Lincoln is walking. He’s been doing it for a few weeks now… but he’s starting to get proficient and that’s scary. 

2. I ‘tested out’ of language a few months ago, which in no way means I know this language, but it does mean that I no longer have to write down how many hours I spend learning every week. In general, it’s a great thing. But, it’s freed me up to do things like dishes and laundry. And I feel like that’s all I do. Dishes, laundry, play with Lincoln, repeat. 

3. Lincoln is walking. WALKING. 

4. Supposedly, sometime within the next week summer is over. I don’t know how you can clock it like that… but everyone keeps telling us the rain will come in and the temps will drop. I. Cannot. Wait. 

5. Did I mention Lincoln is walking? 

6. The boy has been a little crazy this week. He had some crazy snot issues and then some random bouts of crying. Is 13 months too early for his molars to come in? Please tell me there is a purpose to the snot/crying. 

7. We got the proofs back from the photo shoot we did in the states!!! We’re still debating on which ones we want to get…. and I can’t wait. 

Lincoln’s Trip to America

Here’s a little glimpse into how Lincoln spent his time in America:

He did do a lot of fun stuff, too…. not just sleep.

He also met his other great-grandmother, great-aunt anne, second cousin Lindsey and a lot of other people…. but we weren’t so good with the pictures.

Birthday Party (American Style)

Since we were in the states, we invited who we could and met up at a park in Winston. Aside from being a little sleep deprived, Lincoln had a great time and so did we!! It was so great to see people we’d not seen in 2.5 years (or more, in some cases). I think he was either (1) too full or (2) too tired to really enjoy the smash cake… but he got messy enough 🙂