Coming to America

We made it! Lincoln did sooo well on the flights. I’m totally impressed. In the 24 hours we’ve been traveling so far, he’s only had one 20 minute scream fest and that’s because he was hungry and we didn’t even realize it because we had no idea what time it was or how much time had passed since he had eaten. And now we are one short flight away from our final destination and our flight is delayed. Ugh. 

Our day in short: 

2:30am: wake up
3:30am: go to airport
4:00am: begin waiting on some lady to do some ‘work’ for us because we were traveling with a baby
4:40am: FINALLY get our tickets. 
6:15am: flight one
8:15am: Lincoln finally decides he is tired enough to nap
11:something Paris time: flight 2
5 hours into flight: Lincoln dumps a whole cup of water in my lap.
2:00pm Salt Lake time: we land in America!!!!! Wooo hoo. 

And there’s a free shuttle to down town Salt Lake, which is awesome since our layover was 6.5 hours. So we went and explored and went to an American mall complete with Chick-fil-A. And then we went to the grocery store to buy baby food because I don’t have the patience to get Lincoln to eat real food tonight….. do you know how many options there are for baby food? Seriously?!?! It took me 15 minutes just to pick out which 2 to buy. Whoa. 

And now, Lincoln has been awake for 24 hours (with a few naps in there) and he is runnign around the airport like a crazy baby. CRAZY baby. I hope this means he’ll sleep tonight. 


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