Somehow, if I say 12 months it doesn’t make him sound as old as one year. I know it’s the same, but anyway. He’s such a great kid. And he’s handling this traveling thing like a pro. There hasn’t been a single night that he hasn’t slept. I am AMAZED. I know going the other direction is harder…. so just pray for us 🙂

Best. Picture. Ever.

Best. Picture. Ever.

likes: grilled cheese, walking (holding someones hands), electronics, being outside, attention (he is a HAM**)
dislikes: changing clothes/diaper, red sauces, being in the carseat for too long, getting out of the bath
teeth: 7… but I really hope there are more coming in based on the amount of drool we’re dealing with
hair: mullet city
sleep habits: consistent!! yeah! 7:30pm – 6:30/7am, naps at 9:30 and 2:30
clothing size: 12 month… he may be able to wear some 18 month clothes, but they’re all at home and we’re not

** on the plane from Salt Lake to Charlotte, there was a family of 6 in front of us. He kept making noises until the mom would look at him and then he would giggle and make faces 🙂


Lincoln, the Birthday Boy!

I am having a hard time believing our sweet boy is one. But, here are a few pics until I can write more 🙂

Coming to America

We made it! Lincoln did sooo well on the flights. I’m totally impressed. In the 24 hours we’ve been traveling so far, he’s only had one 20 minute scream fest and that’s because he was hungry and we didn’t even realize it because we had no idea what time it was or how much time had passed since he had eaten. And now we are one short flight away from our final destination and our flight is delayed. Ugh. 

Our day in short: 

2:30am: wake up
3:30am: go to airport
4:00am: begin waiting on some lady to do some ‘work’ for us because we were traveling with a baby
4:40am: FINALLY get our tickets. 
6:15am: flight one
8:15am: Lincoln finally decides he is tired enough to nap
11:something Paris time: flight 2
5 hours into flight: Lincoln dumps a whole cup of water in my lap.
2:00pm Salt Lake time: we land in America!!!!! Wooo hoo. 

And there’s a free shuttle to down town Salt Lake, which is awesome since our layover was 6.5 hours. So we went and explored and went to an American mall complete with Chick-fil-A. And then we went to the grocery store to buy baby food because I don’t have the patience to get Lincoln to eat real food tonight….. do you know how many options there are for baby food? Seriously?!?! It took me 15 minutes just to pick out which 2 to buy. Whoa. 

And now, Lincoln has been awake for 24 hours (with a few naps in there) and he is runnign around the airport like a crazy baby. CRAZY baby. I hope this means he’ll sleep tonight. 

We’re Done.

Today, I nursed Lincoln for the last time. Ever.

I put the boppy away and packed up the burp cloths away this morning.

Let me let that sink in.

OK…. how is he old enough that we’re to the point where he can survive without nursing? Isn’t he still just a few weeks old? Ugh.

Now that we’re finished, I’m so sad! I know that in a few years I’ll have another baby to nurse, Lord willing, and it’s not like it’s a bad thing that he’s growing up. But it’s so sad!At least he still needs me for lots of other things at this point! I’m not even going to do the whole glimpse into the future where he’s totally grown up and independent. That’s too far in the future for now 🙂

So, there were many times along the way that I just wanted to be finished or for him to take a bottle so I didn’t HAVE to feed him. To be able to leave the house for more than 3 hours at a time and not have to search for a nursing room or fight with the cover. And I told myself then that I would miss those few calm minutes while he ate and I should enjoy them while they were such a constant part of life. And I did. Nursing was not hard for us… I’m so thankful! Once he broke out of the newborn fog and stopped falling asleep, we never really had any issues. I think I read every blog and tip I could find and employed every single one of them!! Now that we’re at the end, I am proud that we made it 360 days and I actually look forward to baby number 2 with a little experience under my belt.

July 4

Lincoln went to his first water park yesterday in honor of July 4. It was the most American thing we could think of. Annnnd he hated it. It wasn’t exactly a hot day and the water was cold. Maybe next time he’ll like it more.

Anyway, afterwards, we came home and he took an epic nap and then we headed out to the brand new starbucks on our side of town!!! So exciting.

He got his own little cup. We put some milk in it for him and he looked like a big boy drinking from his little espresso cup :)

He got his own little cup. We put some milk in it for him and he looked like a big boy drinking from his little espresso cup 🙂

This is the typical experience. We sit and enjoy ourselves while Lincoln wanders around with the nice people wherever we are. Praise the Lord he's a people person.

This is the typical experience. We sit and enjoy ourselves while Lincoln wanders around with the nice people wherever we are. Praise the Lord he’s a people person.

Afterwards, we went to our friends house for dinner. Hot dogs and mac-n-cheese 🙂 We didn’t know how Lincoln would do with it since last time we tried to give him mac-n-cheese he hated the noodles. But he put some food away!

By the end of it... it was all over the chair, in his hair, the arm of the poor girl beside him.... everywhere

By the end of it… it was all over the chair, in his hair, the arm of the poor girl beside him…. everywhere

Random Thoughts…

So, in 11 days Lincoln will be one year old…. and I will have completed my first year of on the job training as a Mommy. That is so crazy. I still feel so clueless! But he is such a good kid 🙂 He (usually) makes our job pretty easy.

Except lately. At mealtimes. He’s totally over being spoon fed. OVER it. He does like to use the spoon and help us feed him, but he’d much rather feed himself. I understand that and for a few weeks/months/icantkeeptrackoftime we’ve been giving him more finger foods. The problem, however, is that he will not tough veggies unless they are pureed. Or fruit. All he’ll eat are grilled cheeses and chicken sandwiches. But only if it’s sliced chicken. Don’t try to feed him chunks of chicken. No way.. he just spits it back out.

So meal times have become a battle and I am not a fan. I’m hoping we can start just making real meals for him and what is on his tray is what he gets…. soon. So much of what we eat here has tomato in it, I’ve been weary to start that yet. And I want to give him real eggs and not just the yolk. And peanut butter. So maybe soon he can start trying even more things and we can get a little less strict 🙂

And cloth diapers. Once he started growing up and not out, we’ve had a bit of trouble with the cloth diapers. They’re not really tight enough and so at least every other day he soaks his whole outfit because it leaks out the side or up the top. Ugh. So we’re on a cloth diaper hiatus til he fattens up 🙂

And nursing. It hasn’t been near as hard as I thought. I might write a whole post about it, but for now I just feel like I have to get that out there. Maybe I had really bad expectations or something, but aside from wanting my own schedule a few times, it really was a great experience.

This boy. He’s a nut. My favorite new thing: when he wakes up from a nap, I pick him up and say drop your pacie in the crib… and he takes it out, drops it in and gives me a high 5. He’s so hilarious.

11 days. That is insane.