Funny things I want to remember.

Lincoln is the most social baby I think I’ve ever met. He smiles at everyone and pretty much has never met a stranger. He did have a bit of separation anxiety that lasted maybe 2 weeks. Maybe. And if he’s in a bad mood, he’d rather be with me or Josh… but even then he’ll play with other people, no problem. 

So, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ll know that we have spent a LOT of time at the doctor and pharmacy. To the point where someone from church went to the pharmacy we go to and they said, “Oh! You know baby Lincoln!” Yeah, he’s famous. And the nurses at the doctor’s office take him from me as soon as we walk in and they just wander around visiting until it’s time for him to see the doctor. 

Last week we went to the doc for Lincoln’s 11 month check up and it started out like normal… wandering around with the nurses, laughing at everyone, clapping, etc. Then the doctor came into the waiting room and walked to his office and Lincoln just saw him and freaked out. He started screaming! They promptly gave him back to me and we just played until it was his turn to see the doctor. We walked into the exam room and as soon as he saw him he started crying again. He hadn’t said anything or touched him or anything. Just being in the room was too much. So we did the exam and Lincoln screamed…. so the doctor tried to give him a toy, he screamed. The doctor tried to give him a balloon, he screamed. The doctor pretended to be hurt, he screamed. What in the world? 

Then, yesterday we went to the pharmacy (just to visit… no one is sick!). The girls that work there took him and were playing and walking around with him and then the head pharmacist (a man) took him and was playing with him, he was fine. Then he tried to give him a balloon and as soon as he started blowing it up Lincoln freaked out and started screaming like he was in the worse pain of his life. I felt terrible, but it took Josh and I a good 3 minutes to stop laughing long enough to take Lincoln back and calm him down. It was way funnier than it should have been. Weird kid. 



2 thoughts on “Funny things I want to remember.

  1. He has such a yaramaz kedi look on his sweet face!Babies are just like that, they will cry if something is off. At least now he can’t actually say why he doesn’t want to go to somebody (i.e.:he/she’s ugly/fat/I don’t like them). True story!

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