My Current Dilemma…

OK, so a while ago now I posted a question on Facebook about nursing when traveling over different time zones. And since then, I’ve got back and forth a million times. Do I wean him before we leave? While we’re there? After we return? Let him wean when he’s ready? Nurse him til he’s 18? Ha. Ok, obviously not. But seriously. It’s way more complicated than it should be…

We’re already down to just nursing when he wakes up and when he goes to bed. Basically, every 12 hours. The main two options are drop the night feeding this weekend then let the day we leave be the last time I nurse him in the morning. Or just keep going until we get to the states and see what happens. With the way our flights are, I can make it work to nurse on the way over (I think). But do I really want to do that? He’s already super distracted when we nurse. And it’s 100 times worse if we’re not in his bedroom with no noises. Do I really want to feed him on a plane? In a tiny little seat? And hope that Josh can hold a blanket up to cover us because the boy will NOT nurse under a cover. Or do I just wean him early? 360 days is a good run, right?

In some ways I feel guilty about stopping early. I know lots of people don’t make it to the year mark… but it’s usually because of supply issues or the baby decides they don’t want to nurse anymore. Is it ok for me to say I’m done? There have been sooo many days in the last year where I have so wanted to be done. To have the freedom to make my own schedule and not have it be dictated by when we have to nurse. But now that it’s almost over, I’m so sad! I know we hvae to stop eventually. I can’t nurse him forever. And really, I only wanted to make it to a year. So what is the big deal to stop 5 days early?

Why is it so hard to make this decision!?!?!

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