11 Months

So, I fully intended on posting this on time, but then I got the dreaded stomach bug… so it’s a few days late. Oops.

I feel like it’s been one of those months where we CANNOT get well. Lincoln’s been sick or teething, Josh and I have both dealt with the stomach bug and Lincoln got a sinus infection. And our poor little guys has really, really bad allergies (we think?) and has been waking up with gunk in his eyes and a supper stuffy nose. Ugh. It’s summer, I thought sickness was supposed to be a fall and spring thing. Anyway.

He’s growing like crazy! But mostly up, not out. He’s still skinny…. but at least the doctor seems to be content with his weight for now. We’ve been starting the weaning process for a few weeks now, so Lincoln’s started drinking goat milk like a champ. He’s also eating more and more normal people food like pancakes, chicken sandwiches (from Arby’s… it’s like sandwich meat) and grilled cheeses. He loooves to eat. And gets really mad when meal times are over.

He’s still not talking a lot. He will say what sounds like a word every now and then, but nothing consistent. Maybe it’s living with two languages?

Our friends who live in Saudi came to visit a few weeks ago and they have a 4 month old… it was so funny to watch Lincoln with a baby. He’s never been around anyone younger than him and he kept wanting to tough her and was so confused when she cried. Hilarious.

Naps are still consistent… but some days they’re not quite long enough. Oh well. He’s happy and awake. I’m just hoping he adjusts to the time change well when we come to the states in a few weeks! A FEW WEEKS! Yes.

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