A Trip to the Pharmacy

So, Lincoln is drooling like CRAZY and it’s causing a nasty rash on his chin. When we got back in town today, we walked to the pharmacy to get some lotion to hopefully help the itchyness and make it better. Well, we’ve been to the pharmacy pretty frequently as of late… and we’re not pretty good friends with the gals that work there. So, I head straight for the girl who’s the skin expert. She’s super sweet and patient with us. The first thing she does is take Lincoln out of his stroller and start playing with him while we talk, which is awesome because he’s totally entertained. She looks at the description of every lotion on the baby wall and decides what she wants us to use isn’t there. She calls to order what we need from the storage facility and then we all play with Lincoln a bit more. Turns out it’s gonna be 30 minutes before it gets there, so we go to the park and swing for a while. When we finally get back, the lotion isn’t there yet, so again, they take Lincoln out and play with him. I drink some tea and he bounces from person to person. Then the crazy starts.

First, he’s drooling like a mad man, as I said, so the nice skin lady takes him in the back and comes back with 2 super nice bibs that are plastic backed and ties one around his neck.

Then, no less than 3 old ladies come in and give him a billion mashallah’s and then look at me and 3 times I have the no-I’m-not-his-sister-I’m-his-mom talk. Insert shocked faces. One of them even said, “Oh, wow, I really thought she was only 15 or 16.” Seriously lady?

Then, the lotion finally gets there (an hour after we did) and the nice skin lady is like, oh it’s 26 lira…. ok, just charge them 20. Sweet! I don’t mind discounts.

After our crazy pharmacy adventure we had to run by the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything as fast as possible because it was already time for Lincoln to be eating. But it’s really, really hard to push the stroller around the store so I kept running into things. Anyway, I turn down one aisle and there are 3 university girls start gawking at Lincoln. Then the look up and one of them says, “Oh, it must be his sister” I said, “No, I’m his mom.” She looked at me, looked at my wedding ring, looked back at me and was so completely unbelievable shocked. Possibly the best reaction ever! It took her a few minutes to even pass us and continue on with her business.

At least I got some good community time in today 🙂 Gotta love the pharmacy.

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