Pictures from Mom and Dad’s visit

I fully intended to write more about when mom and dad came… but finding time to blog is hard.

So, here’s a quick run down. They flew in to the capital and arrived with one of their 4 bags… the others were still at JFK. So we left for Kapadokya without them. We took them to the valley that we love to hike, a cool monastery, a really old church, the underground city, an open air museum, and the fairy chimneys. On our last day there, their bags came…. and the guy at the hotel said, “What, did you bring your whole house?” So, we explained that most of it was just stuff for the baby, which seemed to make it all ok.

Then we came back to our city and went to the new mall. I know this sounds so silly, but you have no idea who exciting it is that we have a mall. A real one with more than 10 stores. They met one of my tutors on Tuesday and then my other tutor and her family on Thursday (and Lincoln got to play with their little girl, which is hilarious to watch). We did something on Wednesday, but I can’t remember? Maybe we just walked around town? Then on Friday we went to another city nearby with a cool castle and some really old churches. And they left super late that night.

It was a whirlwind trip. Soooo fast. But it was so nice to have them here again 🙂 And now it’s only 10 weeks til we’ll be in the states to visit! I cannot wait. I’m not counting down yet… I only know the exact time because Morgan is counting down 🙂 To her WEDDIN!! Yeah, I can’t wait!! I’m so excited. Not only is my best friend getting married, but the wedding is in Colorado and we get to go hiking and play in the mountains. Can July come any faster? Please?!?

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