My baby, the celebrity.



It has been a really long week.

Sunday was normal…. until Lincoln threw up his lunch at church. So, we came home early and he was ok for the rest of the day. He’s teething like crazy. Drool and snot EVERYWHERE. Insane. And then, he threw up again on Monday. And again on Wednesday. And again on Thursday. Ugh. He’s not even sick. It’s just the drainage! So, we’re learning about how important it is to clean out the poor kid’s nose every single time he’s going to eat. And he hates it. Seriously. He’s spent every meal yesterday and today crying because we have to keep cleaning it out. But that is preferable to vomit. 

Anyway. On top of Lincoln teething and being disgustingly drooly and snotty…. I started feeling rough on Sunday night, was ok on Monday and by Tuesday I spent the whole day laying around like an invalid. Finally, by Wednesday afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore so we went to the doctor. Really, the emergency room. Because that’s what  you do here. Well, I had taken tylenol, so my fever was gone and they wouldn’t treat me. Ha. But they did send me to this super old, but nice, ear/nose/throat doc upstairs and I had tonsillitis. Never had that before.

So, I’m all drugged up now and Lincoln is still working on his teeth. He ate better tonight and didn’t cry as much. Josh was gone allll day today and we survived. Barely. And Im exhausted. But, if you get him outside, he’s good to go. So… 

We went to the store to get some fruits and veggies. As soon as we pull up the girls who work there start talking to him and playing with him in the stroller. Then one asks if she can take him out. Sure, why not… and then he gets passed around to every person who works there or is shopping there for 25 minutes. And he just jabbers and smiles… and looks over his shoulder to make sure i’m still there… then goes back to flirting with the girls. 

This seriously happens everywhere we go. Poor blonde kid in asia. 


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