9 Months (and a week)

Ahhh, 3/4 of a year! And he’s so crazy! He’s crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything and is such a trip! He is the biggest people person ever! He can be so fussy and we go out and someone starts talking to him and he just giggles and flirts (it’s usually a girl). Hilarious.

He’s eating 3 meals a day now and eats soooo much! Maybe soon he’ll start gaining weight 🙂 Carrots are definitely his favorite still. And he’s finally realizing if he doesn’t like something he doesn’t have to eat it… which means when peas or green beans are on the spoon, he takes them, then opens his mouth and just pushes them back out. Ha. So I just mix it with carrots.

He’s sleeping way better now, too! I think it took my parents being here and him getting totally thrown off. Now he’s got a schedule and he usually sticks to it (yesterday was an exception). He started waking up at 6.30, which I am NOT a fan of… but he just sits and plays in his crib til at least 6.45 usually. Doable. And he naps consistently now at 8.30 and 1 and usually for over an hour! Glorious. He’s so happy!! I love my well rested boy 🙂

likes: puffs/cheerios, standing, walking, cruising… anything on his feet, swinging
dislikes: having his nose wiped, green beans, peas, when I leave the room, the inevitable switching sides when nursing
teeth: 4!! And they are not my friends right now. The new 2 are taking forever. And I think there are a few more right behind them :-/ Yay for teeth, booooo for teething.
hair: Finally 🙂 You can actually tell he has hair now.
sleep habits: Way better.
clothing size: most of his 9 month pants are too short, but we can still make the onesies work if he has on a disposable diaper…. with the cloth diapers they’re a bit tight. We’re moving into 12 month clothes. How is that possible?


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