Well, hello there long lost blog.

It’s been a whole month since I’ve posted…. um, maybe more than a month. But a lot has happened and I’m still trying to catch up on sleep and play with the boy, so my days have been busy busy.

So, the month in review.

We went to the capital for Lincoln’s check up with the cardiologist. PRAISE THE LORD, his heart defect healed itself and we don’t have to go again until he’s 6 or 7. And even then, it’s just a routine check up. And, you should also know that while the doctor was doing the ultrasound of his heart, Lincoln was licking him. And the wand. And the cord. And anything else that was anywhere near his mouth. Oh, teething.

My parents came!!!! This time, they got here on time… but 3 of their 4 bags did not. Luckily, the one bag that made it is the only bag that had things they needed in it. The three lost bags were just things for us Lincoln. Mostly, anyway. My mom did score a new pair of shoes and rain jacket, though, since the airline said they’d replace anything she needed from the bags.

We went to Cappadocia for 4 days then came home for a weak-ish. Their time here went soooo fast. Lincoln warmed up to them really well and I was so relieved. He is doing the whole separation anxiety thing, but he’s such a people person it hasn’t been bad at all. I do plan to post pictures eventually… but on the way home he fell asleep holding on to my mom. It was so cute!

Josh got giardia. That’s no fun. At all. And, when Josh is that sick, he can’t really do anything but lay around and be sick. So I was extra busy.

This week has been insane, but good for the most part. Monday we spent almost the whole day with our friends to celebrate C’s birthday. They have a little girl who is 3 weeks younger than Lincoln, so it’s always great to spend time with them. We went to lunch thinking we could do that instead of a late dinner we’d been invited to, but we ended up doing both. I naively thought Lincoln would sleep at their place in his pack-n-play. Ha. After 30 minutes of crying, we gave up and he just stayed up and played. And did amazing. Seriously, I was shocked. He didn’t get fussy or whiney or cry AT ALL. And then, he just fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept til morning after we brought him in. He wasn’t even cranky the next day. Who is this kid?

Then Wednesday, we went to the doctor for Lincoln’s 9 month check up….. and found out that he hasn’t gained weight in 3 months. That’ll cause a mom to worry, right? Ugh. So, they asked what we fed him, which is a lot of food (but only fruits and veggies at this point). I got reprimanded for not feeding him beef yet, so we’ll be starting that today. We introduce things so slow because of his propensity for allergies and it’s taking forever. I’ve even shortened the time between from where we started. Anyway, they wanted to take blood and urine samples. Great. I’m already freaking out about Lincoln getting blood taken. Poor little guy! I hate it and he’s only 9 months old, he’s gonna scream and hate it and cry so much. Nope. Not a peep. Just looked at the needle sticking out of his hand like it was some new thing he had to figure out and played with the nurses afterward. Again, who is this kid? Seriously. So weird. And, all the results came back normal, so we’re just tracking his weight now and feeding him as much as he can eat.

Which leads me to Thursday. Wednesday night he ate so, so much. But he kept eating so we kept feeding. Well, we started dinner a bit late so it was closer to the time I usually nurse him when he finished, but I didn’t think anything of it. Until I went to nurse and he just screamed and refused to eat. This is the first time ever that he went to bed without getting some milk. I mean, I DO NOT nurse him to sleep… no way… but I still was so worried. He’s never not nursed! Then Thursday morning, he was normal, nursed, ate breakfast, went down for his nap….. and woke up in a puke covered crib. I cannot explain how disgusting that was. It was our first time. I know, I know. We’re still newbies. But yuck. So, we cleaned it up, cleaned him up and he slept in his pack-n-play until the mattress and cover were clean and dry. He was fine the rest of the day and hasn’t gotten sick again. We have no idea what that was about. Poor little guy.

This is the longest blog ever.

So, Friday we had to go back to the hospital for an ultrasound of his kidneys because they found blood in his urine. Everything was fine. BUT, he was hilarious. Not as hilarious as licking the cardiologist, but he was in suuuuuch a good mood. The girls that work there always take him around and he plays with everyone, but Friday was different. He was babbling and laughing and jumping like crazy! They’d take him somewhere then bring him back and as soon as he saw us he’d start laughing and bouncing until they gave him to me. The kid is a nut. He definitely has a fan base at the hospital 🙂

And now it’s Saturday….. I started writing this on Thursday. Oops. Pictures soon (I hope).

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