8 Months

That’s 2/3 of a year. And it’s going way too fast.

Not a terribly long post today…. just a quick update. Lincoln is crawling when he feels like it, but he can get around faster rolling and army crawling still, so he usually crawls for a bit, gets impatient, and chooses a faster mode of transportation. He talks a lot, but no real words yet. He says da-da-da-da pretty often, but I’m still not convinced he knows who that is. It’s just the most fun thing to say, I think. He’s sleeping better when we’re on a schedule. But on days when he misses his 12-ish nap, he gets a bit fussy by the evening. He LOVES to stand now, so we just bought him a play table thing. He’s taken his hands off a few times and balanced for a second or two, but nothing crazy 🙂 We are not ready for that. He’s eating 2 meals a day….. and because he’s so likely to have allergies, we’re having to be super slow with adding in foods. So, he’s had: bananas, peas, carrots, avocado and pear. We’re hoping to start apples this week and maybe cheerios or something next week when MY PARENTS GET HERE and bring the crazy stash of American goodies. We’re still nursing 5 times a day and I can’t complain. Nursing has seriously not been the challenge I was worried it would be. Every once in a while I do wish I didn’t have something scheduled every 3 hours, but only on my most selfish days! For the most part, it’s the calmest part of the day and the only time he’s still….. sort of. He’s over his bronchitis (yay), but 3 times now, yes, 3 times, he has puked allllll over me after he nurses in the morning. Seriously. What is up with that? No fever, no fussiness, nothing. Just puke and then he plays like nothing is wrong. I mean, at least it’s not a whole day of puking.

likes: standing, remotes/cords/phones…. anything he can’t have, for some reason he thinks it’s hilarious when I say mama
dislikes: poopy diapers. seriously, as soon as it’s in the diaper he starts fussing til you change him. if he’s asleep, he wakes up and fusses. not that it’s a bad thing, just funny. and getting dressed, still.
teeth: 2!!! And we think maybe the two on top are coming in soon….. he’s started making funny faces again like he can feel them with his tongue.
hair: ha.
sleep habits: better. sleeping 7 to 7, and 2-3 naps a day (usually all 45 minutes to an hour or so)
clothing size: 6-9 month clothes still, but some of them are getting small… I’ve started putting short sleeved ones over long sleeves because I want him to wear them before they get too small!


Mix it Yourself Meds

My poor baby is sick 😦 He started coughing on Friday, it got pretty bad by Sunday night and by the time we went to the doctor on Monday he almost had bronchitis. He’s coughing like a 60 year old smoker and his nose is pouring. It doesn’t help that the weather can’t decide what season it wants to be….. but anyway. Despite being sick, he’s still his happy, giggly self, which we’re thankful for! Although I did imagine being able to sit and cuddle with my baby when he was sick. Not happening. He had to sit through 3 nebulizer treatments at the hospital yesterday and he was soooo squirmy the whole time. He just wanted to play.

So, because of the sickness we had to get medicine for him and as much as I hate giving medicine to my (almost) 8 month old, I’m just glad he’s old enough now that there are some things he can take. I can’t imagine trying to get over this with just tylenol and steam. At some point yesterday afternoon I decided to just get the medicines out of the boxes and figure out the measurements so when we put him to bed it would be quick and easy. Well, I opened the first one and it was just a bottle of powder…. which prompted me to actually read the box. Shake it a lot, pour in exactly 37 mL of water, turn it over and shake right to left. Then let it sit for at least an hour before you give the first dose. Oops. So, we put him to bed a bit late so the mandatory hour could pass. ANNNNND he didn’t wake up at all. 7:30 last night until 7am. Not a peep. He’s growing up! I just hope he does it again tonight… and tomorrow night… and the night after that… and the night after that… and the night after that…

mix it yourself meds

Then, this morning I had to give him the medicine again (duh). One of them is just a clear liquid (and it smells sugary, so it can’t taste that bad), but the one that we mixed is pretty thick. I finally got him to take it with the spoon that you’re supposed to use (whose idea was that for a baby, anyway? a big plastic spoon? really?) and he got most of it down then proceeded to vomit all the medicine and lots of drainage right back up. Joy. At least with how he was laying it only went on his clothes and the boppy cover, both of which can be washed. And it wasn’t really anything but medicine and snot/spit. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he actually throws up. Maybe that’ll be Josh’s job.

In other news… he’s almost outgrown the super cute 6-9 month onesies that a friend’s mom made for him and it’s not even spring yet! So we’re layering today (and for the next few weeks) to make sure he gets to wear them!!!