7 Months and Happy (late) Valentines Day

So, I wrote a lot of this and then something happened and it went away…. and I don’t remember what I had written.

Valentines day. We forgot about it. Lincoln spent the morning playing with his (future) girl friend while I learned and practiced language with her mom.

We spent the evening with our neighbors…. until way past Lincoln’s bed time. It was fun and he survived. I’m just still not used to it.

OH! And the day before we were walking out to go somewhere as our neighbor was walking out, so she just rode with us into town. Josh had moved the carseat for some people and took like 10 minutes to put it back in as the neighbor and I waited. Then, she gets in the car and says, “He’ll just sit on my lap. No problem.” and held him the whole way to town. Ugh. I’m getting used to this and I know it’s how things go here, but it terrifies me every time!

Lincoln is growing so much! This month he started sitting like a champ and is oh so close to crawling! And he’s been eating rice cereal, banana and oatmeal…. peas start on Monday. Gross, I know, but he needs a green veggie and the green beans have been nasty lately. Peas it is.

He’s also sleeping a lot better!! Praise the Lord! And this week I dropped the 10 o’clock nursing session. Totally freaked out about it but everyone told me he really didn’t need it (and I mean, I knew that…. I just needed the encouragement) and he’s doing great. He wakes up maybe once, wimpers for a few seconds, and goes right back to sleep…. usually at 4 or 5am. He also wakes up happy, which I love. In the morning, and after most naps, we hear him in there babbling and squeeling. It’s so funny!

Bath time is probably his favorite thing right now, but with his skin being so crazy we don’t get to do it every day. When we do, though, he rolls over on his belly and kicks and splashes and plays. Hilarious.

And…. after what seems like months and months of drool, we finally have some teeth coming in!! Finally. Both the bottom teeth are coming in at the same time, poor little guy 😦 Tylenol and orajel are lifesavers right now.

And here are some pics, of course:

likes: anything he can chew, being naked, mommy’s computer, books, everyone he meets (we’re still waiting for that whole separation anxiety thing…. I know it’s inevitable)
dislikes: getting dressed, when the food is gone
teeth: 2 half teeth at this point, but they’re coming!!!
hair: FINALLY! it’s so fair and it’s the color of mine, so it’s still hard to see
sleep habits: way better. he’s taking 2 or 3 good hour ish naps a day and sleeping from 7 to fish
clothing size: 6-9 months. he’s so long!

And I measured him at home, which means this is not 100% accurate (but neither is the doctor here). Anyway, as of today he was 8.3 kg (18 lb 4 oz) and 71 cm (28 in). He still looks so skinny, though!


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