At least we always laugh.

Two stories for today.

Yesterday was Josh’s birthday (yay). That is totally unrelated to the story, other than it happened on Josh’s birthday. So, there’s this guy from out of town here to teach on Revelation at church. So, he was talking about those who will be thrown into the lake of fire and said, “And what was their reaction?” And, with impeccable timing, Lincoln squeeled/screamed. The entire congregation turned at us and busted out laughing. The preacher dude just said, well, yes, that’s exactly what their reaction is.

overalls 2

Little stinker.

K, story number 2. I’m not sure if anyone remembers when I went to the electronics store back in Ankara like, a year an a half ago, and without knowing what I agreed to I ended up getting parts of my hair curled as a demonstration. Anyway, that happened. So, tonight we went to the pharmacy to get meds for Lincoln (that’s another post… but praise the Lord for Providence and the awesome pediatrician who helps us expat people). So, while we were waiting I decided to go look at the wall of baby things and just see what they had. Well, some lady comes and starts talking to me about make up she’s selling and says something to the effect of, would you like a free sample. Or, at least that’s what I thought she said. Nope, she totally did my make up for me…. complete with blush and eye liner. Then points me to the mirror and says, yeah, it’s so natural, right. You can’t even tell you make up on.

make up 1

Sure, lady. You can barely tell. And the grand total for the make up, should I want to buy it…. 560 lira. Hm, I think not.

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