Anybody PALEO?

First…. this hilarious sequence from Lincoln’s first day sitting by himself:

Ok, Lincoln’s poor little rash is really bothering me. I have no idea what is causing it, but apparently Josh had the same type thing when he was little, which makes me think it’s allergy related. And, to try to figure it out… I’m really thinking of adopting the Paleo diet for a while. I only know the basics: eat only meat, fresh produce, and nuts. Most of what I think is causing the eczema is either dairy or junk (i.e. chocolate, caffeine, even if it is only one soda a week, maybe gluten).  Maybe if I cut out all those things and it clears up, I can gradually re-introduce things and see what happens.

I have some reservations about this. Ok, a lot. But they’re mostly selfish – like, I don’t like vegetables that much and I don’t want to give up sugar. There is a legit concern about maintaining my weight and making sure I get all the nutrients I need… but that’s why I want anyone who knows anything about Paleo to please tell me what you know!



One thought on “Anybody PALEO?

  1. Message Jess. She has been doing Paleo for a couple of years. More a lifestyle than a diet, I think. I hear she makes great Almond Meal biscuits and great desserts with honey, Almond milk and other alternates to flour.

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