Happy Half Birthday!

Seriously? It’s already been half a year. Are we sure it’s not still October? Or maybe even still September? Where does the time go!?!?

Anyway. Lincoln is, in fact, half a year old today. 6 whole months. And growing sooo fast!! He’s almost sitting up by himself now, which is fun. I really think most of the time that he could sit, but he would rather roll around in search of whatever toy is not in front of him. And we went to the Sam’s Club-ish store tonight and on the way, Josh was talking and I stopped him because from the backseat all you could hear was “ba, ba, ba, da, da, gurgle, ga…” He was totally competing with Josh in the conversation. Then, at the store he was going crazy! We loaned our beloved infant car seat to some friends who are expecting their little boy in a month-ish, so we can’t tote Lincoln around in it anymore…. which means I wore him in the ergo to the store. He loooves it. I think he just likes to see everything. So, I started bouncing with him and then dropping fast (um, I have no idea how to explain that without showing you), but he was laughing so much! It was so fun. Then some lady that works there started playing peek-a-boo and he just giggled at her. I love this age.

We went to the doc today for his 6 month check up and he weighed in at 7.28 kg, which the doc thought wasn’t a ton of gain from 2 months ago… but he is soooooo active all the time. And his height measured in at 72cm, but I tried to re-check it when we got home (emphasis on tried) and I think maybe it’s really somewhere around 70? I dunno. 72 just seems really long! And it would put him in the 99%, which I think is impossible for a child of mine. Hello. I’m not even average height.

So, at 6 months

  • likes: attention and people, anyone, stranger or friend, toes, bath time, the green stage 2 teether (weird, but it’s his favorite toy right now), rice cereal… because it’s the only food he’s had, being outside
  • dislikes: laying still, getting pj’s on, the inevitable changing of sides while nursing
  • teeth: none. ohhh the drool! the doc said something like “3 and 3” today, but I really think he thinks we have no language, so he didn’t tell us anything, really…. I’m just assuming it had something to do with teeth since he was looking in his mouth?
  • hair: it’s coming!! I think it’s my color or a bit lighter and super fine! poor kid.
  • sleep habits: we have some semblance of a schedule…. up at 7, naps at 8.30, 11:30, 2:30 and around 5ish most days. Yes, that is a lot of naps. Can I tell you how ready I am for the consolidated afternoon nap?
  • clothing size: he’s in a mix of 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothes. Most of his 3-6 month sleepers are too small, but the onesies are still doable. Ugh, he’s getting so big!

And without further ado, the pictures:


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