Battle of the Wills…

So, Lincoln is now approaching 20 minutes of screaming in the crib during nap time. We checked on him at 5, calmed him down…. then at 10, calmed him down again….and now I’m waiting 15 before I go back again. And he’s still screaming. This is our new pattern. He sleeps so easily at 8.30 and 11.30 and then by 2.30 is EXHAUSTED and fussy and totally discontent, so we put him down for a nap and he screams. And since I’m not going to get anything else done while he screams, I thought I’d update the blog 🙂

Last weekend, Kimberly and David came for a really short 3 day they’re here, they’re gone visit. And it was awesome! At first we thought they were only going to get like, a day and a half here. Then we thought maybe Kimberly would be coming early, then we found out we got to spend three whole days with both of them! So, we packed it out.

Sunday, they landed bright and early at 8am so they could join us for church. Afterwards, since we had chicken (Kimberly is a vegetarian) and potato (Josh is allergic) soup, we took them to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch and chatted with our waiter friend til it was time for Lincoln to eat… came home, fed him, chatted for a bit then went out to have dessert as dinner and introduce them to the awesomeness that is Burma Kadayif. If you have never been to this country, you’ll have no idea what that is and if I explain it you’ll think we’re crazy, so let’s just say it was awesome.

burma kadayif



Monday, we took them up the coast a little ways to Jason Church, a little church on a jut of land (obviously not the geographically correct term) from the 1800s. It’s sooooo pretty. And it was soooooooooooo cold. Oh my. And windy. But we love getting out of the city and the coastline is beautiful once you get a few kilometers out, so it was a win-win. Then we came back home to feed Lincoln (pattern?) and went to another of our favorite restaurants and chatted with another of our waiter friends and introduced them to the BEST lentil soup ever!

jason church

josh church scenery

Then came Tuesday.

We interrupt this blog post for a brief intermission while I go calm down the baby.

Reset timer. 20 minutes.

(Mom, if you’re reading this… I think “What goes around comes around” is already being lived out. At 5 months)

Tuesday requires a brief backstory. David is the provost at UNC School for the Arts and they have a project called Art\Islam and Kimberly works with the project. They had meeting in the BIG city for a few days, which is why they were in our neck of the woods. Anyway, there is a ballet dancer at the church and we introduced them on Sunday and he invited all of us to come see practice and meet the director on Tuesday. So, we did. And it was so cool. We got to watch the dancers for a bit and then David and Kimberly got to chit chat with the director for a while as I tried to entertain a squirmy, tired baby (who did fall asleep during the conversation, but not now… he’s still screaming). So, writing about it doesn’t sound as cool as it was. But it was.

And then Josh and I went to the ballet on Thursday. I don’t think he had a clue what to expect…. but he liked it and wants to go back and I am totally ok with that 🙂 It was the first time we left Lincoln with anyone else, so I was nervous. But we dropped him off at Erin’s and he slept the whole time. Something he is definitely not doing today. He really is a great baby. He just hates this afternoon nap, for some reason.

Ok. That was our week in a (very big) nutshell. Now it’s almost Christmas and I have yet another batch of cookies to make. And Josh is on baby duty….. I can’t take the crying.


One thought on “Battle of the Wills…

  1. Hey…just an idea…you could try putting him down for his nap sooner. It might not work, but I know that with both my girls, if I missed the “window” and they were up too long, taking a nap would be TORTURE and they would scream and scream and fight it and fight it. If I got them down at the right time then they’d go to sleep, no problem. So…just an idea…try putting him down 10-15 minutes sooner and see if it helps. =)

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