It’s Coooold Outside.

I know, a few weeks ago I was complaining about it being too hot. And now I’m writing about how cold it is. But, I’m not complaining! I looove it. I do wish our windows actually closed so our salon would stay a bit warmer, but I love blankets and socks 🙂 And Christmas decorations and yummy candles. And the fact that Gilmore Girls comes on every night at 7.30 in the local language. Except that it just ended and I picked up the remote to skip the credits and watch the next episode. Ha.

Speaking of language, I bought a new book at the suggestion of my language helper and it’s literary language…. so, pretty heavy and a bit high for me, but it’s pretty good. It helps that it’s all short stories by one of my favorite authors here (she writes in English too). At least I’m learning new vocabulary!

Last week, we got 2 packages!! Not that I remembered to take a picture of either of them before we took them apart. One was from my sister’s fam, so it had Christmas presents and then a few other things. My favorite so far is the ergo-ish baby carrier that a friend made her when she had her middle daughter. It’s been used quite a bit already and we’ve only had it for a week. It’s lighter than the ergo and, since the ergo lives in the car so I have it when we’re out, this one is in the house….. and since Lincoln has been more fussy than normal (teething, maybe? we don’t know), I definitely wore him around the house today to clean:

carrıer 2

I definitely think he approves. I wore him to the mall a few days ago and he fell asleep on the way home. He likes it. He does not, however, like to be removed from it while sleeping. He didn’t wake up until I laid him in the crib and moved my hands…. and then he was up for good. Guess we’ve reached that stage. Good to know.

The other box was a surprise, which was awesome 🙂 Providence sent a birthday kit to have a purposeful Christmas party, complete with cookies, icing, sprinkles, and decorations. Sooo exciting! We’re hoping to have the youth (aka University students) over next weekend, so we’ll get to use the goodies.

Now, for more Advent boxes:

day 9

day 10 1

This was one of those compressed washcloth things and it looked like this when it opened:

day 10 2

day 11

So, you put this in water and it is like a perpetual snow globe for a day or so, and then you can just stir it and it floats again. I think we’ll use it for our Christmas party.

day 12

day 13

Super glue. Hilarious. The sad thing is, there are about 10 projects around the house we can use it on. They have it here, but it doesn’t seem to be the same.

Ok. Does he look like me? Mostly, I think he’s a mini version of Josh… but sometimes I can see that he is, in fact, half me.

wıth baby mommy

Here’s a side by side:

compared with mommy

Yes, I stuck my tongue out allll the time when I was a baby. I’m glad he’s not picked up on that yet.

And one last picture. It’s really, really blurry…… but he’s too cute not to post it.

blurry with mommy

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