More from the Advent Box

Ok, first of all, I have to give a shout out to Janice Brewington for the box and mini boxes…. apparently my mom is re-gifting what she was given last year. And my task is to pass it on (or use it again šŸ™‚ hehe).

Day 2 was a cute gift for Lincoln. We opened it not too long before bed time, so we didn’t get a picture of him with it because we went for a walk and then put him to bed afterwards. But, they’ll be worn again:

day 2

Today, after Lincoln was woken up twice by the SUPER loud construction out back twice yesterday, we decided to put him in the pack-n-play in the bathroom (the only room in the house without windows). He went down surprisingly easy this morning for his nap and slept for almost and hour and a half! Glory. So, he was in such a good mood after he woke up we thought we’d let him help with today’s box.

lincoln with box collage

As you can see…. all he did was try to eat it. But it did allow for some really cute picture opportunities. If this is a glimpse of what Christmas will be like, I’m super excited. We’ll just have to time it right so he’ll be happy and awake.

box 3 opening

Opening… don’t you just love his stylish new bibs! They’re kinda big but they’re awesome because they more than cover his front and they have plastic backs, which is essential with the amount of drool this kid produces. Seriously, it’s absurd. Moving on.

day 3 present

Necklace and bracelet…. and the necklace lights up! Hilarious. But I’ll be wearing this to every Christmas function we have. Don’t you worry.

After the happy mood with the box this morning, Lincoln’s mood deteriorated a bit. We think he had a low fever, so we gave him some tylenol and went for a walk since this is the last day in a while that was supposed to be not rainy. Then, for nap number 2, he was NOT ok in the pack-n-play, so we put him back in his room and the construction woke him up after like, 30 or 40 minutes. Oh well, at least they can’t work in the rain!


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