More Sleeping Adventures

Thanksgiving was a bit rough on the boy and he’s not been sleeping well since. Well, thanksgiving and a cold and eczema and a growth spurt and milestones…. you get the idea. Sleep is not going well.

Last Saturday morning after his nap, I found him like this:


He was happy and chatting away to himself….. like this…. crazy boy.

Then today, I walked in to this:


I mean, I know cribs are made with slats close enough together for baby heads to not get through…. but little baby legs are the perfect size. He was so happy and giggly. What a nut.

And, today during his nap (which was almost 2 hours… that, my friends, is HUGE), I went to check on him and his pacie was by his leg. A few minutes later I just wanted to make sure he was still out and he had grabbed it, put it back in his mouth the right way and fallen back asleep. He’s getting so big!

In non-Lincoln related news, I had peanut butter today for the first time in a while and it was really good. I had forgotten. And it was 70 degrees outside today…. not at all Christmas-like. And we got 2 packages from my mom with lots of Christmas clothes for Lincoln 🙂 Love it. Didn’t get a picture. They’re in the wash.

And… T-17 days til k.sam and d.nelly get here!!! Yaaaay! Maybe by then Gloria Jeans will be open.

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