– It’s FINALLY raining in our city. We’ve been expecting it to be nasty and rainy since like, March. And it finally is!

– Our 2 night trip to the capital ended at 7 nights…. and the whole way home I was trying to remember how to say “We had to stay because the car broke down” and could not remember. So, I spent the morning looking through my notes to find out 🙂 I’m a nerd.

– I managed to pick up some kind of stomach something while we were out of town and it is NO fun.

– Since we had only planned to be gone for 2 nights, we left piles of laundry to do over the weekend. Annnd our son looks ridiculous today with his hodge podge outfit. Army green top with baby blue pants and a bright blue bib. Ha.

– Apparently he practically rolled over this morning while I was otherwise occupied with the aforementioned stomach issue. He didn’t TOTALLY roll over, so I’m just gonna say I didn’t miss the first time. He hasn’t done it yet, but it’s soon.

– We think there’s a tooth coming in soon. He is chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling like Pavlov’s dog.


– Between the possible rolling over soon and the possible tooth coming in soon, we’re hoping we have a reason for his being cranky and waking up last night for like, 45 minutes at 2am. If not, we may be zombies for a while til we figure it out.

– I bought some new sweat pants at H&M while we were in the capital and I may never take them off. Ok, ok… maybe to wash them, but that’s all. If you see me at church in fuchsia sweats, you know why. They are sooooo comfy!


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