About those Adventures

We had another one today.

Most of our day was normal and fun. We bought an umbrella stroller so I don’t take anyone else out getting on the tram. We went to visit our old language teacher who I LOVE and chatted with her for a long time. Josh went to the doctor and found out, in addition to trying to figure out what is wrong with his stomach the doctor found 3 kidney stones. Normal day. Then we began our journey back home. We stopped by mall number 1 for me to buy waterproof cute shoes for the winter, then mall number 2 to grab a few things we forgot yesterday, then we started home.

For 20 minutes.


The clutch just completely stopped working.

Luckily (1) we weren’t totally out of town yet and (2) we were right at a gas station. So, Josh just coasted in and we started calling friends to see who could come get us. One car was in the shop. Another family was out at appointments and couldn’t get there. Finally someone had a car and could come. It’s rush hour…. so we settle in to the car with our I’m-so-sick-of-this-carseat child to wait. Josh calls the car dealer and finds out they can’t tow us, but they know someone, so we give our number to them so he can call us. And when he does I pick up Josh’s phone and accidentally push reject. Ooops. Praise Jesus he called back. Now he and our friend are on their way to get us and the car in rush hour traffic. Waiting, waiting…. and the tow truck shows up first! What?!? So we call our friend to have him turn around and pick us up at the car place instead and climb in with the tow truck driver. With Lincoln in my arms. In the front seat. With no seat belts. In rush hour.

Freak out.

We made it and our awesome friend picked us up and brought us back to our other friends house to stay for night number 6 of our 2 night trip. Oh what a day.

How amazing are our friends! Seriously. We are so blessed!! Thanks for picking us up and thanks for letting us crash at your place (again).


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