I miss sleep. A lot. I seriously feel like I’m tired all the time. I know this stage passes and eventually Lincoln will sleep through the night and I can sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time again, but I feel like it’s never going to happen. There was this great stretch from 2 to 3 months where he was sleeping 6 to 7 hours consistently and it was awesome. And then it stopped. I keep hearing from friends or reading blogs of people whose babies slept for at least 8 hours a night from 2 months on…. and I’m so jealous. Maybe those of us with bad sleepers just don’t talk about it as much. I mean, how un-encouraging would it be to brag about it. “My baby slept for 3 hours last night!” “My baby was up at 1.30 and 4.30 last night!” It just doesn’t have the same appeal to it.

And then there’s naps. We’re trying really hard to get on a schedule to hopefully help out the napping situation, but maybe this lifestyle is just not conducive to naps. I’ve basically decided that until k.sam and d.nelly come to town (in 2 weeks!!), I’m not leaving the house from 1 to 4 in hopes that we can establish somewhat of a normal schedule. Then, maybe if we have an off day or two it won’t throw us off quite so much. But for now, we have days like today, where he cried for 30 minutes in his crib, then I rocked him for 10 while he squirmed, then I finally decided that maybe if I laid down beside him in our bed he would sleep…. and he did, but then, so did I, which meant I got nothing done.

Maybe Lincoln just isn’t a sleeper? Maybe my milk supply is lacking and he really is that hungry? Maybe he’s so terribly distracted trying to eat during the day that he needs the half-asleep feedings at night? Maybe it really is just because of the milestones? I have no idea. But, he’s happy and gaining weight and reaching milestones…. so I can’t complain. In a few months I’ll be missing our middle of the night cuddles. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.


More Sleeping Adventures

Thanksgiving was a bit rough on the boy and he’s not been sleeping well since. Well, thanksgiving and a cold and eczema and a growth spurt and milestones…. you get the idea. Sleep is not going well.

Last Saturday morning after his nap, I found him like this:


He was happy and chatting away to himself….. like this…. crazy boy.

Then today, I walked in to this:


I mean, I know cribs are made with slats close enough together for baby heads to not get through…. but little baby legs are the perfect size. He was so happy and giggly. What a nut.

And, today during his nap (which was almost 2 hours… that, my friends, is HUGE), I went to check on him and his pacie was by his leg. A few minutes later I just wanted to make sure he was still out and he had grabbed it, put it back in his mouth the right way and fallen back asleep. He’s getting so big!

In non-Lincoln related news, I had peanut butter today for the first time in a while and it was really good. I had forgotten. And it was 70 degrees outside today…. not at all Christmas-like. And we got 2 packages from my mom with lots of Christmas clothes for Lincoln 🙂 Love it. Didn’t get a picture. They’re in the wash.

And… T-17 days til k.sam and d.nelly get here!!! Yaaaay! Maybe by then Gloria Jeans will be open.

Lincoln’s Adventures in Sleeping, Part 2

We’re working on this whole sleep training deal. It went pretty well last week, but last night was AWFUL! He was basically up all night. We caved. We went into his room a LOT. But at least that way we got short 30 minute segments of sleep a few times.

So, usually going down is not a big deal for him, but for some reason it’s not going well tonight:


Pray for us.

4 Months

I  know I say this every month, but wow time is going so fast!


Our little man is 4 months old (as of yesterday) and is getting so big. He’s starting to show his personality more and more and he is hilarious. He’s so chatty in the mornings and loves when people talk to him. He’s noticing everything and starting to respond to his name, which is really fun. I think he’s an extrovert. And he’s a people person, which is really, really good here since everyone wants to hold him. He rarely cries when someone else takes him and I’m honestly dreading separation anxiety time, which I know is inevitable.

We’ve been off schedule for a few weeks now, and it’s taking it’s toll on Lincoln. His sleep is madness. He’ll go down so easy at night, then 10 minutes later wakes up and cries for 20 minutes. Ugh. I know we have to let him cry it out, but it’s super hard. I hate it. And when he wakes up at 1.30, which he’s done every night for a week, I know we need to let him just cry, but I just want to sleep and I know the sooner I go in there the sooner he’ll go back to sleep and I can too…. so far, we’ve made it 25 minutes once. We seriously have to learn and he has to learn, it’s just hard.

He started rolling over this week! It’s so fun 🙂 I noticed last week he was HATING being on his back and now he rolls over as soon as we put him down. I think the cloth diapers make it harder for him to roll back the other way, so he doesn’t do it that often. He spends most of his time on his stomach at this point. ANd he’s drooling sooooo much. it’s craziness. I really hope there’s a tooth coming, but I know it could just be like this for a long time. Anyway, the combination of rolling and drooling means that his blanket or play mat is always soaked and we go through like 10 bibs a day.

Hm, and given aforementioned sleep issue, I’ve not worked out in 2 weeks. Terrible! Mostly I feel terrible. I think I have so much more energy and am generally in a way better mood when I work out regularly… so the plan is, regardless of the sleep status, I’ll be starting on Sunday morning during Lincoln’s morning nap. Ask me about it on facebook and make sure 🙂

Without further ado:


We always end up with tons of pictures when we try to get this shot…. so, here are my favorites.



Ok, not a little more about that sleep problem. We generally have a pretty set bed time routine. Eat, bath, book, sing a song or two, and into the crib asleep. Until this week, it’s worked really well. Anyway, it went ok tonight, he fell asleep quick and Josh and I cooked dinner…. he started out like this:


We always lay him down in the middle. This is obviously not to scale… he usually holds on to one of the bars on the side (so cute). Anyway, we went to cook dinner and it took about 10 minutes… and then he woke up. We let him cry for 5, put the pacie in, then came back to eat and timed him for 10 more minutes. When I went back, he was like this:


His arms and legs were practically poking out of the sides of the crib. Ugh, poor little guy. I moved him back to the middle and he went right to sleep and I’ve not heard a peep since…. but how in the world did he end up up there? And, how am I supposed to know when he’s crying because he’s fighting sleep and when it’s because he’s pulling one of these shenanegans? Live and learn, right.


– It’s FINALLY raining in our city. We’ve been expecting it to be nasty and rainy since like, March. And it finally is!

– Our 2 night trip to the capital ended at 7 nights…. and the whole way home I was trying to remember how to say “We had to stay because the car broke down” and could not remember. So, I spent the morning looking through my notes to find out 🙂 I’m a nerd.

– I managed to pick up some kind of stomach something while we were out of town and it is NO fun.

– Since we had only planned to be gone for 2 nights, we left piles of laundry to do over the weekend. Annnd our son looks ridiculous today with his hodge podge outfit. Army green top with baby blue pants and a bright blue bib. Ha.

– Apparently he practically rolled over this morning while I was otherwise occupied with the aforementioned stomach issue. He didn’t TOTALLY roll over, so I’m just gonna say I didn’t miss the first time. He hasn’t done it yet, but it’s soon.

– We think there’s a tooth coming in soon. He is chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling like Pavlov’s dog.


– Between the possible rolling over soon and the possible tooth coming in soon, we’re hoping we have a reason for his being cranky and waking up last night for like, 45 minutes at 2am. If not, we may be zombies for a while til we figure it out.

– I bought some new sweat pants at H&M while we were in the capital and I may never take them off. Ok, ok… maybe to wash them, but that’s all. If you see me at church in fuchsia sweats, you know why. They are sooooo comfy!

About those Adventures

We had another one today.

Most of our day was normal and fun. We bought an umbrella stroller so I don’t take anyone else out getting on the tram. We went to visit our old language teacher who I LOVE and chatted with her for a long time. Josh went to the doctor and found out, in addition to trying to figure out what is wrong with his stomach the doctor found 3 kidney stones. Normal day. Then we began our journey back home. We stopped by mall number 1 for me to buy waterproof cute shoes for the winter, then mall number 2 to grab a few things we forgot yesterday, then we started home.

For 20 minutes.


The clutch just completely stopped working.

Luckily (1) we weren’t totally out of town yet and (2) we were right at a gas station. So, Josh just coasted in and we started calling friends to see who could come get us. One car was in the shop. Another family was out at appointments and couldn’t get there. Finally someone had a car and could come. It’s rush hour…. so we settle in to the car with our I’m-so-sick-of-this-carseat child to wait. Josh calls the car dealer and finds out they can’t tow us, but they know someone, so we give our number to them so he can call us. And when he does I pick up Josh’s phone and accidentally push reject. Ooops. Praise Jesus he called back. Now he and our friend are on their way to get us and the car in rush hour traffic. Waiting, waiting…. and the tow truck shows up first! What?!? So we call our friend to have him turn around and pick us up at the car place instead and climb in with the tow truck driver. With Lincoln in my arms. In the front seat. With no seat belts. In rush hour.

Freak out.

We made it and our awesome friend picked us up and brought us back to our other friends house to stay for night number 6 of our 2 night trip. Oh what a day.

How amazing are our friends! Seriously. We are so blessed!! Thanks for picking us up and thanks for letting us crash at your place (again).

The Adventures We Have

So, this whole living overseas thing never gets normal.

We’ve been needing to go to the doctor and dentist for a while. Me, because my teeth are TERRIBLE. Josh, because his never ending stomach issues continue to get worse. We could have done these appointments in our city…. but (1) I had no idea what to expect from the dentist and (2) doctor appointments are hard in a foreign language. In the capital we knew there was an American-like dentist and a hospital with english speaking docs. We called Tuesday to make appointments and left Wednesday to come. Talk about last minute! But our friends were going to be out of town so we could stay at their place and not disturb anyone at 4am when little man wakes up to eat.

Well, we came on Wednesday morning…. and we’re still here. Yep. Josh’s appointment was first and after some tests it turned into a second appointment, which turned into a third appointment with more tests, which turned into a fourth tomorrow and probably more tests in a few weeks (he’ll be coming alone. it’s hard on Lincoln!). Crazy. But at least we’re in a country with really good healthcare where they can do tests and try to figure out what he has (doctor number 8). And he’s checking things that no one ever has before, so maybe we’ll get some answers, right? And, I totally love that he has to keep going back to the hospital because the translators who always help us are amazing. I totally just go hand out with them while Josh is in with the doctor. They’re the same ones who helped translate when Lincoln was born and helped with things after that too. LOVE them.

Anyway. I went to the dentist. It’s been a little over 2 years since I’ve been and I was terrified. I have the most horrible teeth in the world. I can’t even tell you how many fillings I’ve had in my lifetime. So, I went. And I only had one little one! That’s a big deal for me. Then she says, it’s small and not very deep, I think we can do it without anesthesia. What?!?! I didn’t know that was even an option in dental work. But sure, you’re the dentist. It wasn’t the most comfortable experience in my life, but it did take way less time and I could eat and talk like a normal person afterwards. And the filling and cleaning combined cost less than a normal cleaning in the states. Awesome.

Now that we’ve been stuck in the capital for a few extra days, we have gotten to hit up every mall we used to frequent and eat lots of yummy food that we’ve missed. And H&M had really cheap baby hats for winter, so of course we bought 2 🙂 Pictures to come. But for now:

We started cloth diapering recently (not while we’re out of town, of course) and we really like them. He looks like such a big boy!

Until next time…