Random Thoughts

– REI Membership is the best thing ever. Seriously. My heart rate monitor spazzed out and wouldn’t even work with a new battery, so my mom took it back for me. They gave her a complete refund….. after 2+ years of using it. Seriously? Can’t wait to get a new one 🙂

– Lincoln is soooo stuffy 😦 And he screams every time we have to clean out his nose. Ugh, so ready for his cold to go away!

– I think my body has gotten used to turbo, so I had to make my own schedule to mix things up and I’m totally already a few days off. It’s way harder to have a schedule with the kiddo… and my napping habit 🙂

– I fit into one of my tighter skirts a few weeks ago! My black Gap skirt was always one of those wiggle it on things and I was able to wiggle it on again! I think I’m back to normal, mostly…. Josh says I look like I did pre-Lincoln, but I still feel like there are a few places that need some toning up again.

– Speaking of post-baby body, I am kind of back to my normal weight. It used to fluctuate 2 kilos ish all the time and I’m just under the high end of what it used to be. Woo!

– My pump is only working on one side. Boo!!! Not so fun when Lincoln is sick and I have to use it more often.

– Our neighbors delivered this HUGE chunk of beef yesterday after they celebrated their sacrifice holiday. Too bad Josh can’t eat it.

– I determined lately that I will never be the kind of person who can honestly tell people to make themselves at home at my place. I mean, to a certain extent, yes. But I’m too OCD. I get so frustrated when things are out of place! Just ask Josh 🙂

– It’s final fall!!!!!!!!! I wore a jacket this week! Yay.

– I may or may not be starting the countdown already to when D.Nelly and K.Sam come visit again 🙂 T-52 days.

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