Random Thoughts

– REI Membership is the best thing ever. Seriously. My heart rate monitor spazzed out and wouldn’t even work with a new battery, so my mom took it back for me. They gave her a complete refund….. after 2+ years of using it. Seriously? Can’t wait to get a new one 🙂

– Lincoln is soooo stuffy 😦 And he screams every time we have to clean out his nose. Ugh, so ready for his cold to go away!

– I think my body has gotten used to turbo, so I had to make my own schedule to mix things up and I’m totally already a few days off. It’s way harder to have a schedule with the kiddo… and my napping habit 🙂

– I fit into one of my tighter skirts a few weeks ago! My black Gap skirt was always one of those wiggle it on things and I was able to wiggle it on again! I think I’m back to normal, mostly…. Josh says I look like I did pre-Lincoln, but I still feel like there are a few places that need some toning up again.

– Speaking of post-baby body, I am kind of back to my normal weight. It used to fluctuate 2 kilos ish all the time and I’m just under the high end of what it used to be. Woo!

– My pump is only working on one side. Boo!!! Not so fun when Lincoln is sick and I have to use it more often.

– Our neighbors delivered this HUGE chunk of beef yesterday after they celebrated their sacrifice holiday. Too bad Josh can’t eat it.

– I determined lately that I will never be the kind of person who can honestly tell people to make themselves at home at my place. I mean, to a certain extent, yes. But I’m too OCD. I get so frustrated when things are out of place! Just ask Josh 🙂

– It’s final fall!!!!!!!!! I wore a jacket this week! Yay.

– I may or may not be starting the countdown already to when D.Nelly and K.Sam come visit again 🙂 T-52 days.


3 months!

I’m having a hard time believing that it’s been 3 months since we were at the hospital spending our first night with Lincoln. How in the world has that much time gone by? Isn’t it still August? Maybe the weather is contributing to the feeling since it’s still in the 80s here, but seriously. He’s 3 months old!!

I can remember after I wrote about how hard it was at a week and a half a friend from home saying, I barely remember that and my baby is only 3 months old…. and now I understand! We’re settling into normal life again. We really are super blessed, the boy doesn’t cry much at all and is such a fun, happy baby!! In fact, last week we traveled on the coast for 3 nights and he cried a lot yesterday and I was like…. um, this never happens…. what do I do? Ha. His personality is starting to come out more and we are loving it!

He’s also a drool machine. He soaked 3 bibs today and it totally just drips all over the place as is evidenced by the drops on his shirt in the pic 🙂 He’s so cute though. I also decided today that I can’t be the one behind the camera or he won’t smile. He’ll be laughing and giggling and then I pick the camera up and I get this face.


Ok, mom, stop with the pictures already. Ha. Of course I took more and then enlisted Erin to help so we could catch a smile..

His hair kind of looks red in this pic…. well, his peach fuzz that will one day be hair. We hope.

And this is what happens when he’s not so content to just sit anymore. Add in the grabbing and the teething and you get the dog-in-mouth shot.

This is the face we see a LOT. He really does smile all the time unless he’s eating or sleeping…. or wants to eat or sleep. He’s also talking a lot more and it’s hilarious. His high pitched squeals are my favorite.

And a few from the aforementioned trip up the coast:

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While Daddy’s away….

Mommy and Lincoln slept….. well, tried to sleep. Lincoln seriously boycotted napping while Josh was gone. I think there was one day he took a decent nap. The other days I would get him calm and sleeping, start working out annnnd within 30 minutes he was awake. Or, as soon as I turned on the water in the bathroom. Oh well. We survived. We spent quite a bit of time with Erin and the kiddos, which was hugely awesome for my sanity. I don’t do well by myself for long stretches. I’m pretty sure I called my mom on Tuesday and after she said the initial “hey,” I didn’t stop for 25 minutes.

I did get to hang out with Gulcin on Monday 🙂 It’d been a few weeks since I’d seen her, so I was excited. We usually meet downtown, but this time she texted and asked if we could meet on my side of town for breakfast. Totally easier for me, so I said sure. When she called to say she was here I loaded Lincoln up in the stroller and went outside and she was here with a friend, in a car… she didn’t come by tram. And, apparently, we were taking the car to our destination. Luckily, I’ve already experienced nursing in the car and understand that it’s totally normal here to ride around with your child not in a carseat, so she held Lincoln the whole way to the restaurant. Yay international living 🙂

I haven’t even really done that much this week to write about…. I just feel like it was such a busy week! I’m definitely glad Josh doesn’t have to go away often and I’m super glad that our lifestyle allows him to be home on particularly crazy days to help me. Kudos to military moms (aka my sister) who handle the kids alone for way longer periods on a regular basis. As if I didn’t respect them enough before, I have even more respect for them now!!!

And, this little guy is 12 weeks old tomorrow!! How in the world is that possible? He’s growing so fast and doing new things all the time. This week, he is a drooling machine. Insane. He’s starting to grab things and hold on. He talks a TON and will respond to us and try to mimic what we say. It’s totally cute. He’s also getting really good with tummy time and can roll from tummy to back. Soooooon we think he’ll be rolling the other way, too. I don’t know if I’m ready for him to start being mobile. He’s such a happy baby 🙂 He seriously smiles all the time. I mean, he has his moments of crying, but they’re not that frequent. He’s starting to sleep longer at night (except this week…) and he’s got a pretty good schedule down with eating. He still is a speed-eater, which is great in general, but also makes me worry all the time that he’s not getting enough nourishment. But, obviously he is. He’s satisfied when he’s finished eating and he’s gaining weight and definitely filling up his fair share of diapers. Apparently this is just the standard concern of a breastfeeding mom.

I still think he’s Josh’s clone, but some lady in the elevator this week and our neighbor said he looks like me. I don’t believe them. I seriously think they just see his pale skin and blue eyes (yes, they’re turning blue as far as we can tell… but it’s early), and they think he’s just like me. Really, did you see his facial features? What about his ears? Notice those cheeks? He is so his father’s son.

In un-baby related news (yes, there is life apart from Lincoln, hard to believe, I know) I finally tried the gym that I found way back in April… when they wouldn’t let me join because I was pregnant. It’s very curves-esque, not that I’ve been to curves, but it’s the 30 second rotation thing. Anyway, I actually liked it more than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no TurboKick and it’s most certainly nothing compared to Aubrey’s classes, but it’s good for here. The ladies were absolutely shocked when I was filling out the questionnaire and told them I basically have been working out since I was 4. Apparently, that’s unheard of here. One of them visited LA last year and was so shocked to see people running on the beach she filmed it. It’s so weird to them that we enjoy exercise so much. Ha.

PS. I look like a teenager in this picture. No wonder people ask me all the time.