The Birthday Week

– My cold passed to Lincoln… poor little guy 😦 and he hates when I have to clean his nose out with the aspirator.

– Speaking of sickness, i went to the pharmacy yesterday to see if there is anything I can take while nursing and the cough syrup I’m not taking is made from the berries of english ivy. It tastes like I’m drinking potporri.

– He is growing soooo fast! I’ve had to retire more of his 3 month clothes this week 😦 We weighed him yesterday (not totally accurate, but still) and he’s hovering just over 5 kilos….. 11 pounds.

– I got a hair cut last week after I finally worked up the courage to go and I don’t hate it, which is a victory as far as I’m concerned.

– For my birthday, we went to a new restaurant (we’d ordered from it but never been) and it was really, really good. They had american style ice cream sandwiches that were amazing and really cheap.

– Also for my birthday, our American friends here had a surprise birthday dinner for me 🙂 And made snickerdoodle cake!!

– So, when we were still in the states, I remember one of my fave instructors talking about hod doing jumping jacks was *different* after having a baby… I understand now. Yep.

– My mom sent me a “birthday in a box” and it just got here today… so we’ll be celebrating again on Friday when friends come over. Yay for American box cake mix. Soooo much easier.

All the yummy goodies:

And my presents. You should know that I have been wanting this book for a while now…. not for any children I’ll be feeding, but for myself. I am the worst eater ever.

And to end on a high note… I know this pic is already on facebook, but it’s too good not to put here too 🙂

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