Boooo sickness.

So, not the best week ever. I have a ridiculous cold that came completely out of nowhere and Lincoln is going through a growth spurt (at least I assume so) and is eating alll the time and not sleeping all that great. Or maybe it’s that I can’t entirely read his sleepy signals yet and put him down too soon and then he just cat naps. Either way, he’s up a lot and eating a lot and I’m sick…. all of which contribute to me being exhausted. Days like today I’m super, super thankful that Josh doesn’t have a 9-5 job and can play with the little guy so I can nap a bit.

So, how bout some pictures. We went to a wedding last week, the sister of a good friend here. That’s about the extent of this weeks excitement. Yep. Our friends have a lttle girl who is 3 weeks younger than Lincoln. It’s great to have local friends who are going through what we are and have their family around… so we can ask them questions about how things are done here πŸ™‚

So, Melek was all lovey-dovey on Lisa, so Erin decided to do the same…. which resulted in a lot of laughter on our part. Thus, the crazy smiles goin on.

That kids face is priceless. He’s adorable… definitely gives Lincoln some competition πŸ™‚ Big shoes to fill.

Amazingly… you can’t see the sleep deprivation in either of our faces. Maybe it was the lighting.

We put him in this super cute outfit…. and I held him for a bit until we ate dinner, but then he slept all night in the carseat and no one even got to see how cute he was at the wedding! I mean, he’s cute just laying there, but the outfit made it even better.

One more for good measure. He’s in his swaddler…. which he sleeps in any time he sleeps. I (stupidly) tried to put him to bed tonight without it and that did NOT go over well. Maybe we’ll try agian in a month πŸ™‚


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