Life Lately

We’re slowly settling in to life in our city again…. slowly. It’s been a bit harder for me to get motivated to get out and do things. More like, hard to figure out when to do it and it’s easier to just stay in. But this week I have to figure it out. Maybe the boy will get on some sort of scheudle 🙂 Ha.

We did get to hang out with my best friend here on Thursday – breakfast at our other friends little restaurant. HILARIOUS. They seriously make us laugh. A lot. And my friend just held Lincoln for an hour! I kept offering to take him or put him in the stoller or just something so she could finish eating… but she wouldn’t give him up 🙂 I offered her a job as our babysitter, but she already has a job. Hehe.

I’ve also been managing to workout most days and have noticed that my post-baby body is not the same as my pre-baby body 🙂 Which I knew would be the case, but it’s just interesting. Things like jumping which I used to just be able to do no problem are suddenly hard. Not hard, persay, but it actually takes effort now. And most of my muscles feel the same, but I can totally feel my abs wayyy way more. I feel everything now. Which, I guess is a good thing since it means it’s working them and getting them back to normal 🙂

And how ’bout some pictures:

The awesome package from a friend in the states. Even the box was super cute!

The fabulous NC State gear for Lincoln…. and the mustache pacifier that is AWESOME.

Lincoln thinks it’s awesome too….

Our first family picture…. it’s a few weeks old now, but I’m finally getting it up 🙂

family pic with the parents 🙂 and the wind was nuuuuts!!!! thus the hair

Lincoln is definitely starting to look more like Josh. He still has my hair color and maybe he’ll get my eye color? Who knows. At least with Josh’s looks he’ll be handsome 🙂

Annnd this week he started smiling 🙂 i finally got a picture of it today! Ah, he’s so adorable. It’s just too much.

And that’s what’s going on in our little world this week 🙂 OH! One more exciting thing…. we ordered computers! Yaaaay. I’m getting a mac! Woo hoo!!! And Josh got a sweet desktop that came with a free xBox 360. He’s way more excited than I am, but if we can get the Kinnect to go with it, I’d be pretty pumped too 🙂


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