Annnd me post baby

So, I don’t intend to blog about myself that often, but it’s been a month… so here’s what’s up.

I’m healing pretty well from labor, better and faster than I anticipated. I went in for a check up on Monday with my doctor (myyyy doctor, not scary doctor office again!! she’s recovered from her surgery) and the episio is healing well and the doc was able to do all the post baby tests/checks she needed to do, so, barring any strange illness or issue,  we don’t have to go back to the capital again for a year…. at least for me to go to the doctor. That was a relief (more for Josh than me, I don’t mind the capital as much as he does). And I was relieved when she said the stitches would dissolve soon. A friend here had a baby a few years ago and for some reason at that point the country decided to ban dissolveable stithces. What in the world? So, I was concerned I had that kind… but they’re the dissolveable ones. Praise the Lord!

Like I said in the previous post, we’ve been super busy lately, so I’ve been walking and active more than I anticipated during the first month post-partum. I don’t know if that’s why or if working out throughout the pregnancy helped, but I’m down to only 6 or 7 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I also think, though, that my muscles probably atrophied a bit and I have more fat than before, which weighs less than muscle… but I can fit in my normal clothes, so who knows. I still definitely have the post-preggo bump, but it’s not huge. Now that we’re back home and don’t have a crazy schedule, I have time to start working out again!! I really, really loved being pregnant and it really wasn’t hard on me, but I did really miss sweating and working out hard. So, I did a turbo today and actually worked up a sweat… not that it takes much with the heat/humidity/lack of a/c here… but it was nice. Now, if we can just get the boy into a schedule so I can have a routine, tht would be awesome 🙂

So, yeah. Things are going well. I’m feeling good. And I still miss sleep. That is all.

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