And the craziness continues…

Quick post re: the insanity of having a baby in a foreign country.

I was supposed to go to the doc on Friday to have the episiotomy checked and just get checked in general with all the post-pardom issues and what not. Well, earlier last week she called and said she was on bed rest til Saturday and would call when she could reschedule. I LOVE my doctor here and was super bummed to hear she was sick… but I’m pretty sure she had a billion deliveries last week, so I thought maybe she just pushed it too hard and got sick.

Not so. By yesterday, she still hadn’t called… which was weird. I was thinking, you know, I’m feeling pretty good (physically…. mind you) and the episio isn’t really hurting anymore, so maybe I’ll be ok just to not go. But then a good friend was like, you should call. If she wanted to see you it’s probably important just to get checked. So, today I tried and it didn’t ring, so I sent a text. Turns out my poor doc had to have emergency surgery for a torn herniated disc and is our of commission until 6 August. Of course, I’m bummed that I can’t see her, but I feel worse that it was that serious!

Moving on. She said I could go to a colleague of hers for the check up and gave me the number. Let’s get something clear. Going to the woman doc is NOT my favorite thing. It was fun when there was a baby in there and we got to see him every time and I didn’t get violated, but now we’re back to the no baby, just uncofortable-ness visits. It’s hard enough with the doctor that I really, really like. So, I assumed since my doc has perfect english, she’d send me to someone else with english speaking abilities. I called, no english. Oh crap. I made it through the convo, explained that I had a baby and an episio and my doc said to call this doc… and made an appointment. Then she gave me the address. I totally understood it correctly and was able to find it on google maps. Victory! So, tomorrow I’ll go to the new doc and pray she speaks english at least enough to understand if there’s a problem.

It’s just nice to know even with post-pardom lack of brain I can still hold my own in this langauge… whew.

One thought on “And the craziness continues…

  1. Get it mama. I think I would have just sat and cried (if that happened to me in my current state.). šŸ™‚ Well done!! Look at you – you’re already owning this whole motherhood – rock star – bilingual thing! Praying for yall!

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