Oh, the hormones!

Well, we’re a week and a half into Lincoln’s life and he’s still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Life with him at this point, however, is more difficult than I thought. At night, he actually sleeps decently well, wakes up to eat and goes back down normally without much of a fight. At least once a night it takes 30 minutes or so, but that’s only once. I can’t complain.

Day time is a different story…. for some reason, he eats well and sleeps well at night and then it’s a fight to make him eat long enough during the day. So, he doesn’t eat well, then pretends to sleep til we try to put him down, then he pitches a fit. For an hour. We try everything we know, then I feed him again and he acts like he’s never eaten before…. for a short time until he falls asleep again and we start the cycle over. When he does sleep, we spend a lot of time like this:

When he doesn’t nap…. I start questioning everything. Am I doing something wrong? Is he not getting enough milk? Does he have something wrong with his stomach or something that keeps him from sleeping? Then all the tears start flowing. Ugh, hormones. I’ve cried more in the last week than probably since I was a baby myself. Mostly it’s been prompted by the aforementioned questions and feelings of inadequacy, but there have been a few times where all the sudden I just start crying for no reason. It’s so weird. Josh will look at me and be like, what’s wrong? and I have no answer… I’m just weepy. Definitely ready for the hormones to be balanced out 🙂 And for baby boy to get into a schedule and sleep/eat well. Until then, I just keep asking God for grace to survive on minimal sleep. At least he’s adorable 🙂


3 thoughts on “Oh, the hormones!

  1. Hey! Love looking at all of the adorable pictures of him. I can honestly say I know EXACTLY what you mean when you start to question yourself, been there for sure. Just trust your body and trust that Lincoln will let you know if something is wrong. 🙂 Something I did that really helped me during those first few months was putting scripture up everywhere…literally everywhere. On the wall beside the couch, the places that I would nurse Holland, kitchen, etc. Taking in truth was the only thing that held me together. Praying for you friend and wish that I could hold him!

    • everything will be ok your feelings and emotions are normal. your mom will be there soon and that will help alot. just nap when Lincoln naps and you will soon be all rested and be able to cope better. We love you and will pray for better days. Sara

  2. Dido what Sara said… Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Rest wehn needed, eat well, drink pllenty of water. Forget about the rest of the world and what they tell you to do. You just had a baby, and in this culture you have the pass to just do nothing for 40 days!!! Im not adivising you to do so, I’m just reminding you of it. 😉

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