Lincoln’s First Week

I know technically he’s a week old tomorrow, but I wanted to post a few pictures and thoughts… in bullet point form because I’m lazy.

– I HATE cutting baby fingernails. It is horrible. I nicked the poor baby’s skin on his pinky finger 😦 How in the world do you cut his nails without hurting him?

– Breastfeeding is starting to get painful… I’m at that point and I know it passes. But it’s still so amazing that I’m his source of nourishment. I’m not gonna lie, it’s actually one of my favorite things still. And he’s a good sleeper in between feedings, so the exhaustion hasn’t been unbearable yet.

– I’m not a fan of episiotomies. I know it was necessary and the doc tried hard not to have to do one, but still. Grrrr.

– My belly is shrinking faster than I thought it would. I still definitely look like I had a baby…. but at this point it kind of could also pass as a bad muffin top or something 🙂

– Look at those cheeks. Ah, I love it.

– This is his “oh my, it’s a hard life” pose. And this is the first outfit we bought him as soon as we found out it was a boy and tpday will probably be the last day it’ll be worn. We still haven’t measured him, but it’s looooong and all his newborn super cute outfits are already too small 😦

– It’s HOT here. Ugh. So, so gross. We have fans on all the time and windows open all but the hottest part of the day and I’m still so sweaty… which means he’s so sweaty every time I feed him. Poor little guy.


2 thoughts on “Lincoln’s First Week

  1. He’s a cutie pie! Try cutting fingernails while he’s asleep. It’s hot here, too, and every time I nurse Noel she ends up sweating buckets…she’s definitely a sweaty one!

  2. I’ve had friends that actually use their teeth to cut their baby’s finger nails. They just put their little baby finger in their mouth and bite them off. They said they can do it easier that way and not cut them when they are so little. Gross? I dunno…you decide. 🙂

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