The Due Date Came… and So Did HE!!

Lincoln James Sizemore was born on his due date… which makes him really awesome. Apparently only 5% of babies come on their due date!! And we definitely didn’t expect him to come on Saturday, for sure.

I want to write all the details of the birth before I forget them all! And just as a warning, don’t read it if you don’t want to hear pregnancy/labor related terms. So here goes:

Friday night we went to the track like normal and Josh ran while I walked 3 miles. I was pretty convinced this sweet boy was going to be late, so I was doing whatever I knew to help him come sooner. For the past week or two every time I walked, I would have contraction-ish things, and Friday was no exception. But they weren’t any worse than normal, so I just assumed I had more time. I even complained to my mom that night on the phone about how he was never going to come.

Fast foward to 5am Saturday. I went to the bathroom (for the third time) and came back to bed… when I sat I felt a gush of something and thought it was just the heavy discharge that everyone talks about during the last few months of pregnancy. I’d only started getting it about a week ago, so it was still new and annoying. Anyway, I went back to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, got new underwear and went back to bed…. but it just kept coming out. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom to sit on and shook Josh awake and told him I thought my water broke. I was in complete shock. I think I was actually trembling a bit – that, “Oh stink, I’m not prepared for this” scared kind of trembling. Josh was so out of it… he asked where we were, then said, ok and rolled back over. In the mean time, I decided to call my mom since it wasn’t the middle of the night at home. Then, we decided to sleep while we could before the contractions started.

About 6:15 I started having some contractions, but they weren’t bad. I downloaded an app to time them adn by 7 they were about 7.5 minutes apart, so I thought I’d go ahead and take a shower since we were supposed to go to the hospital when they’re at 5. I told Josh what I was doing, but again, he was exhausted and out of it… so I let him keep sleeping. Showered, called the doc, who was just starting a c-section and said she’d meet us at the hospital at 10 when she was done and we could go ahead and go there whenever we thought it was time. By 7:30, contractions were strong enough that I got Josh out of bed so we could start getting ready to go to the hospital. By 8ish they were between 3.5 minutes and 6.5 minutes apart…. so we loaded up and headed in.

We got checked in and they hooked me up to the monitor and we were left to just hang out and let things progress until the doctor got there. At this point, the contractions were like a minute each with 2 or 3 minutes break in between and manageable. RIght before the doc got there, I had one more painful contraction that made me nauseous…. and when she walked in I was just sitting on the ball leaning over the toilet. Awesome. She told us that the nausea happens when you dialate, so she wanted to check me. I was only at 1 cm. Woo. So, she left us to go to the office for 2 patients and then was coming back. At this point, I was still feeling ok. The contractions were strong, but there was a break in between long enough to recoop and not feel like I was dying.

That didn’t last long.

By 12 the contractions were unbelievably strong. They were lasting about 1.5 minutes with only a thirty second break in between. Everything I had read said contractions like this happened at transition… when you’re going from like 8 to 10  cm and are almost ready to push. I started telling Josh then that if I wasn’t almost fully dialted, I was probably going to get an epidural. Now, I was one of those all natural all the way types…. but this was madness. If it was transition and it was almost over, I could do it. If not, no way. We asked the nurses when the doctor was coming and they called. She was on her way! Praise the Lord. When she got there she checked me again and I was only at 4 cm. And then we asked for the epidural. Josh asked me more than once to make sure I really wanted it since I told him before that I might ask for one and he should really, really question me on it. But I definitely did. There was no way I could deal with contractiosn like that for 6 more centimeters. It took another hour or so for the anesthesiologist to get there and get the epidural in… and then it took about 30 more minutes for it to take effect. In the mean time, I lost what little bit of food was left in my stomach. By 2 I was feeling much better and by 3 I was fully dialted.

One of the reasons I didn’t want an epidural was because they say it can stall labor… not the case for me. The doc actually said they usually have to augment contractions with pitocin after an epidural, but mine just got stronger. So, that was good 🙂 And I’m even more glad I went for the epidural. Once I was dialted, we had to wait 20 more minutes or so for him to get low enough to start pushing. Around 4 I started pushing… and the anesthesiologist ended up pushing on my stomach with the contractions to keep him from coming back up. That was super helpful, but not the most comfortable thing 🙂 But, at 4:51 he was here!

Josh also got to cut the cord, which he was pretty excited about. He put the glove on, then handed over the camera and had to put on a new glove. Then touched the bed and had to put on a new glove again. At that point, the doctor said… “Just rest your hand here.” He was just helping with the comic relief 🙂

I ended up having to get an episiotomy… and I’m not sure how big it is because the doctor just kept saying, it’s small, it’s not that big, etc. She knew I really, REALLY didn’t want one, so she tried hard to avoid it, but Mr. Lincoln decided to come out with his hand by his face… just like he was the whole time in my belly.

Look at his peach fuzz… just like his momma had 🙂 He definitely started crying the second he was out. AND, I forgot. So, obviously with the epidural I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore. But, when he was coming out it was so weird… I could feel his arms and legs wiggling and kicking. He was definitely active!

3.52 kilos (7 lbs 12 oz). They don’t measure them here, but we’re pretty sure he’s long…. Some of his onesies are already tight.

We are totally enamored and in love with Lincoln… and definitely still in shock that he’s here! We’re working on the breastfeeding deal and so far it’s going well. This week the main goal is sleep and eat. So far, so good. We’ll try to at least stay up to date with pictures.


One thought on “The Due Date Came… and So Did HE!!

  1. So thrilled for you! As an RN and former NICU nurse, I loved reading all the details:) Val was born on her due date, too, AND Nathaniel was born with his arm up like Superman. It does feel very strange and not like the others did.

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