Pain in Childbirth

No, I’ve still not experienced it. But when we went to the track tonight, I was feeling braxton hicks or false labor or some other baby related pain and was waddling worse than normal listening to my iPod thinking about childbirth and how scary it is at this point…. especially when the doctor says, “He’s a bit big for you, but I think he should still  fit.” Yeah. Anyway. Walking along and Daniel Renstrom’s Comfort Ye came on (yes, I listen to some Christmas music year round…. it’s encouraging). So, I’m thinking about childbirth and listening to this song and had a great moment of spiritual renewal or whatever you want to call it. Life here is rough, especially spiritually, and I’m just walking around the track listening to this song and it breaks into the Emmanuel, God with us part and I seriously about threw my hands up in the air! Childbirth has me contemplating the effects of the fall… since the whole pain as woman’s punishment thing is definitely feeling real to me at this point and there’s a line in the song that says, “Comfort ye, weary Christian, just as Christ was raised he will soon return to gather those who follow him by faith.” The promise of redemption. For some reason it just hit me hard tonight. This is not how the world is supposed to be and He has promised it won’t always be this way. He is returning victorious and we can rejoice in that…. even while bent over with the pains of labor.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts 🙂


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