It’s the Little things…

So, before we moved up north we were part of an AMAZING small group here in the capital. We miss those people so much!!! And we miss our deep times in the Word… in our own language… that we understand ūüôā Hehe. Anyway, whenever we’re in town we try to hang out with at least one of the families (since our trips had only been a day or two, it was hard to fit in more than one). Well, yesterday we went to the Aquarium with some folks from small group who we’d not seen in a while and it was super fun! The husband works for the embassy and is out of the country, but it was great for me to spend time with the wife! She’s hilarious. Such a blessing. When we were leaving, she mentioned she had a gift for the baby and some hand me downs from her boys (which are few and far between here… and therefore very valued). Today after Josh went to language he stopped by their house and came home with the most awesome bag of goodies:

Ahhhhhhh, it’s so amazing. Since they’re here with the embassy, they have access to the American grocery store¬†at the support center and¬†can get all these¬†goodies that are impossible to find here. Seriously, we are so blessed! When she said a¬†gift¬†for the baby, I totally thought a cute onesie… I did not expect all this! And she got USDA ground beef¬†for the tacos! Now, they have beef here, of course. But it smells awful when you cook it and even though it tastes good… it’s not the same. It’s not as good as American beef.¬†AND, I’ve been talking about waffles for¬†months now. We even bought a¬†waffle maker recently…. but see that box of eggo’s back there?!? I think I could down the whole thing in 10 minutes. And they’re blueberry!!¬†She also got us some sliced deli ham. Seirously?!?!? Josh was in heaven.

Even thought I’ve already¬†said it… and Josh has said it…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Now baby boy will become acclimated to a few¬†American¬†flavors ūüôā


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