38 Weeks

Quick tidbits from the last week.

Arby’s no longer has normal, really yummy ice cream. It’s now sakiz flavored. Why they would do such a thing is beyong me, but it’s disgusting.

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum would have been much  more fun had half of it not been closed.

Dark Shadows was really funny. I love Johnny Depp. My bladder can no longer make it for the entire duration of a movie.

Hot dogs still taste as good as I remember. Maybe better, since they weren’t that great when we lived in the states. And gatorade is amazing. Josh submits that pork is still the best meat ever. He throroughly enjoyed a pork steak sandwich at the independence day celebration (yes, it was 5 days before the actual holiday).

The weather here is amazing right now! But, I would like to make it known that the temperature in our house is probably still equivalent to all you a/c users in America, despite your record breaking highs.

Walking hills when you’re this pregnant causes lots of hopefully labor inducing type feelings. We hope.

Chinese food is soooooo good. Someone please open a restaurant up north.

The words, “Wow, he’s grown” are not so comforting from the doctor at this point. Baby boy is measuring around 8 pounds…. and still growing.

“He’s not dropped yet” are also not comforting words. Please, baby boy, come out soon! We want to meet you!

Limited internet is no fun when you rely on interet for all the shows you want to watch.

The olympics start really soon!!!!!!!!

And creepy fish, courtesy of Josh. It looks like it has real lips. Seriously.

Annnnd, this is an exciting month. Here’s what we have going on:

Tomorrow, friends from the states that we’ve not seen in 2 whole years are coming to town for a couple days before meetings in the big, big city and then more meetings in North Africa.

Sometime within the next 3 weeks, baby boy makes his arrival.

At the end of the month, my parents finally get here!! It’s dad’s first time leaving the states, so I’m pretty excited.

What I’m not excited about:

Ramadan. And all the restaurants up north being closed pretty much the whole time my parents are here. At least they’ll get to try some yummy national food for the few days we’re still in the capital.


2 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. Thinking of you and Josh Allison. Enjoy your parents visit!! Good luck to your dad! I I will be looking for photos soon of baby boy!!!!!

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