Full Term! What?!?

So, as of today we’re officially at full term… this baby can come any day now. Last night I started having one of the signs that labor will be sometime soon and all the sudden it hit. He’s really coming. Soon. Really. And I’m really, super excited but at the same time, it’s kind of scary not knowing what to expect. But, we’re definitely ready. I have the hospital bag packed with all his stuff and then I’ll just throw in what I need at the last minute…. simply because I don’t have a ton of clothes and I don’t want to pack something now and then want to wear it! Other than clothes, everything is packed though. It’s weird here because there’s so much more you have to bring with you! For the baby, anyway. The hospitals don’t provide anything. Anyway.

Yes, I look exhausted in this picture. I managed to sleep decently well until we got to the capital. Now, I think a combination of a different bed/environment and the ridiculous achy hips is making it a bit harder to feel rested. Poor Josh. I wake him up like 5 times a night. Other than the hip thing, I’m still feeling really good… which is awesome. I can’t complain. I’ve been watching another childbirth class dvd and they went over all the third trimester things that usually happen and I only had 1 or 2 so far. There’s still time, though. For sure.

And there we have it.

Aside from growing a baby, life has been a bit more relaxed this week. It’s been weird to not get to hang out with our friends this week and we miss them tons! Life up north is definitely more our style. We have, however, visited a different mall every day. Ridiculous, no? But, it’s hot and they have air conditioning, so it’s a nice place to walk around! And there are a few things we’ve been trying to find before baby boy comes, so at least we’ve checked out all our options 🙂 I think we’re going to try to hit up the Anadolu Museum tomorrow… so I’ll try to take pictures there. And we’re going to start back with our old langauge teacher next week!!!! Yaaay. I mean, it’s only for 2 weeks until she goes on vacation and his due date gets super close, but we’ve missed her! At least I have. And it’ll be good for us to get some grammar in while we’re able. I certainly will not be studying langauge in a few weeks.


Back in the Capital

Well, we’re down to 3 weeks and 2 days until the due date…. and according to the doctor this crazy boy could come any time after today. Which is nuts. Last weekend, after the busiest week ever, we finally made it back to the capital where baby boy will make his arrival. It’s so nice to be here and have time to just relax and rest, which I’ve not been able to do as much as I’d like at home lately. We spent most of last week trying to spend time with friends before we left… and trying to get the house cleaned and ready to be empty for 6 weeks. It was so hard to pack for 6 weeks not knowing how much bigger I’ll get or how big he’ll be or when he’ll come or how fast or slow I might loose some baby weight after. I felt like I was packing for 5 people and not just me and a baby. Crazy.

On Monday, we got to go to the doctor again to check up on the boy. He’s doing great, moving SOOO much and growng tons, still. He’s developed breathing patterns (even though the’s obviously not breathing) and you could see his little chest get bigger and smaller. So cute. But, because of his breathing movements the doc said the measurements of how big he is now might be slightly inflated since his abdomen measured bigger when he was breathing in. Anyway, we did get her to guesstimate on how big he’ll be when he arrives…. somewhere between 7.5 and 8.5 pounts. I’m hopeful he’ll be on the smaller side 🙂 I was just over 7 when I was born, so that’d be nice. Josh on the other hand, was around 8.5….. totally doable and the doctor reminds me of that every time, but still scarrier than 7! I’m hovering around 12.5 kilos gained (um, 27 pounds?) and still feeling pretty good. The braxton hicks are picking up, so my body is getting ready.

I’ve been able to work out still, even if that consists of walking mostly at this point. And, now that we’re back here and there’s no humidity, we’ll be able to go on walks in the evenings and not end up sweating buckets by the time we get home. I did keep a pretty good walking pace the other night when Josh ran, so I can’t complain! I might complain about the dryness, but really it’s nice. And there are malls! Also good for walking…. and they’re air conditioned! Sort of.

Lots of rambling today. We did get a few clips of him, but they’re not so great when you just take a snap shot…. so no pics. By the end he was cramming his whole hand in his mouth. Crazy boy. Ahhh, he comes so soon!


34 weeks… a bit late.

The pictures are from Saturday, but I’ve been a slacker getting thing sposted this week!

Last Friday we went for another appointment and baby boy is doing great…. getting bigger for sure. As is his mom. The doc estimated he’s somewhere around 2.5 kilos (5.5 pounds ish) and I’m up 11 kilos (somewhere around 25 pounds). I’m hating rice. And still not craving anything? Weird, I know. We FINALLY got all the stuff we need for his room, but Ikea only had the ugly brown color crib, not the white and they won’t get the white until August, so we bought the brown one and Josh is painting it this week. And we got a sun shade and fabric for curtains, which we need to take to the whatever-you-call-the-curtain-maker (I know the local word, but can’t think of the english word).

Oh! So, I get it a lot when we walk around town… but we walked in to the doctors office and she kind of snickered and said, “You look like you have a ball under your shirt!” Yes, thanks. She cracks me up. Then when she was doing the ultrasound, she did the 4D to see him and he’s pretty shooshed in there… his head is low (woo hoo) and she started cracking up again, “Poor little guy! His nose is all smooshed.” But he still needs to turn, and he moves allll the time, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

And, on Saturday we had the skype baby shower with my mom and the folks from her church… totally didn’t know what to expect, but it went really well! It was so fun to see people from home and hear southern accents again! And baby boy racked up. I think we’re totally prepared as far as having what we need goes. I’m sure I can find things that I think we need, but those are probably just extras 🙂 I think my favorite so far is the rocker seat thingy from my sis. And I’m totally surprised it got packed and made it here! Or the Ergo… or the bumbo with the tray… or all of it. To save myself from listing out all the things that we love, here’s a picture 🙂

A friend from here made the diaper cake… totally impressed! At least someone is crafty, because I certainly am not.

And the attendees…. of course we have to put their pictures up. The one the right side of the pic came up with the idea for the skype shower. Props to her. We totally could not have gotten any of this stuff here! Or, we could have, but it would have taken 5 years worth of income. Such a blessing to have things from the states!!

A few people are missing from the skype pic because they had to leave early… but this is most of the group.

Annnnd, we got lots of packages today! One from my sister (victory!) with hilarious and cute army/camo onesies among other things. We were cracking up. Thanks, Adam! And then mom sent more goodies for the boy and the diaper bag! We found a Kelty diaper bag online and are super pumped. It looks like a normal messenger bag, so I can definitely make Josh carry it. And she sent cinnamon gum!!!!!! I should not be so excited, but the gum here is not so great and they don’t have anything cinnamon flavor, so we’re pretty pumped about the gum. Woot. Oh, and Josh’s mom sent a package that got here Monday with a snoopy onesie (Josh is obsessed) and an Orioles outfit. Super cute. And we had some friends come into town to stay Monday night and they brought a gift too with a super soft blanket and really, really cute newborn onesies. They’re so tiny… I can’t believe he’ll be wearing them in 5 weeks (hopefully not longer).