And the pictures…

So, Josh is out for the evening and seeing as I’m still sniffling (and coughing, now) I opted to stay in for the night. Nothing too spectacular. I did a quick 30 minute work out in the hopes that getting my endorphines pumping might put a dent in this cold… I think it just made my nose run more. Oh well. And now, to get some language in for the day, I’m just watching a movie in the local language. Woo. Exciting, no?

Anyway, pictures for this week…. so, more like 30.5 weeks at this point.

Well…taking pics of myself was not as easy as I thought and it’s a little crooked. It makes me look like I’m going to fall over. My booty is not that big…yet. AND, when I put this on to work out, Josh said, “Wow, you can really tell how big he is when you dress like that!” Ha. Um, thanks honey 🙂

Somehow the belly doesn’t look quite as big in this one.

And a story from the day. Every Monday we go to the same restaurant. The first time we went there was this super nice lady woring who is maybe 5 years older than me, but then when we moved she wasn’t there for a while. Well, the past few weeks she’s been back and so we chat a bit and whatnot. Today, I walked in and she looked at my belly and said, “OOhhh, enjoy/good luck/local phrase that I understand and know when to use but can’t translate.” I had noticed last time we went that she *might* be pregnant too, but I wasn’t sure. I know she has a toddler and what if she just had a hard time losing the weight? So, I didn’t say anything last time…. or today. Josh and I talked about it and we’re pretty sure she is. So, the plan is to ask next week. But, I refuse to be that person who asks the not-pregnant woman when she’s due. Totally psyched myself out with that one today. I don’t want to offend her!!! Maybe she’ll wear less baggy clothes next week 🙂


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