30 Weeks

Ahhhh, 30 weeks! We actually started discussing the birth at our appointment last week! That means it’s close. At this point it was just which hospital have you picked (not picked… and we got a list of ones to check out next time we’re in town), when to call the doc, when to meet her at the hospital, etc. Nothing too detailed yet. But, still. 10 weeks away! Insane.

Baby boy is in a good, head down, facing back position…. but that also means we couldn’t get a pic this week because what little you could see of his face was covered by his hand that always seems to be right there. Let’s just hope it’s not there when he makes his grand entrance. He’s still got a good bit of room in there, so he’s moving around a lot. Sometimes it’s so forceful I feel like he moves my whole body! He’s looking good, though. We could see his little tongue moving this time and he was kicking and moving so much it bumped the ultrasound thingy and made the doc laugh, again. It’s a habit of his. He’s up to 1.5 kg (right over 3 pounds) and she said he’s a good size but will be a healthy but relatively small baby (yaaay!). And depending on the day, I’m up 9 or 10 kilos… which I think is right at 20 pounds and in the normal range from what I can find. I’m still trying to stay pretty active, but it’s getting harder because I’m tired and, for the third time during this pregnancy, I have a nasty cold.

Moving on. We did get to do some furniture shopping while we were in the big city this time! And we bought all the essentials…. except the crib. Seriously. We had it all picked out at Ikea and then found out it’s out of stock. And they’ll get it in this weekend when we’re 6 hours away. So, we might figure out if someone can pick it up for us or we might get one at another store. Not sure. But we did get a pack-n-play, dresser, and cubbie thingies. And an awesome support pillow for me!!! Definitely makes sleeping a bit more comfortable…if I could just breathe. And no pic because I’ve not really felt like getting dressed and presentable since we got home. I’ll try to get one up this week…

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