33 Weeks

Long week, just pictures.



31 Weeks

Not a whole lot has changed in the 4 days it’s been since I posted pictures last time…. but I’ll put some more up just for the heck of it 🙂 And, I’m officially 7 months pregnant now!!

My hips are feeling it, for sure. And we went for a walk last night and I got tired faster than normal. Joy. But I’m still trying to stay active. Our friends moved in today and I did make it up 8 flights of steps!! Woot.

Yep, big difference there! And he’s definitely getting stronger…. I was laying down watching tv this week and i think his heel or knee or something pointy poked out and went across my stomach. Soooo weird. And he gets the hiccups at least once a day. I know it’s not bad for him and it just means he’s learning how to swallow and such, but poor guy!

We also got some gifts this week. On Tuesday, we went to have dinner with the family of one of Josh’s friends and his mom gave us some little sweaters she had knitted. One has the evil eye on it, so I can’t promise he’ll wear that one a lot…. but they’re super cute.





And, Josh’s Aunt and Uncle sent a baby gift! I think we did know it was coming, but I had totally forgotten when the post office guy showed up today! Since it was a padded envelope, it came straight to the door, which was awesome.

Baby boy is going to be well dressed! The bib says, “If you think I’m cute, you should see my dad!” Hehe. and the frog is the booty part of the onesie…totally cute.

In non-baby related news, I definitely have a funny story for today. We needed an extra set of sheets for our guest bed and couch in case we have to use both at the same time, so we went to the mall today to find some. We went to the same store we got some from last time and picked out a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow cases. The girl who was helping us seemed super concerned about our selection, but I reassured her that this is what we needed today. Then we went to pay and the lady behind the desk has the same conversation with us.

Sales Person: Um, you have two sheets….Wait. (Looks to coworker) They’re foreigners, how am I supposed to explain this?
Us: We know a bit of the langauge.
SP: Oh, well, is this to go with the comforter or under?
Us: Under.
SP: But you have 2 sheets.
Us: Yes, we know.
Man behind us in line: They’re Russian (really? really.), they don’t understand you… just change it for them.
SP: You understand what we’re all talking about, right?
Us: Yes, we do. (As we laugh)
SP: And you know you’re buying 2 sheets?
Us: Yes, we’re aware.
SP: OK, well… you can buy them and if you get home and realize you’re wrong you can change them.

Ha. Apparently the concept of a set of sheets is totally American. We really had a hard time not laughing hysterically before we left the store. Good times.

And the pictures…

So, Josh is out for the evening and seeing as I’m still sniffling (and coughing, now) I opted to stay in for the night. Nothing too spectacular. I did a quick 30 minute work out in the hopes that getting my endorphines pumping might put a dent in this cold… I think it just made my nose run more. Oh well. And now, to get some language in for the day, I’m just watching a movie in the local language. Woo. Exciting, no?

Anyway, pictures for this week…. so, more like 30.5 weeks at this point.

Well…taking pics of myself was not as easy as I thought and it’s a little crooked. It makes me look like I’m going to fall over. My booty is not that big…yet. AND, when I put this on to work out, Josh said, “Wow, you can really tell how big he is when you dress like that!” Ha. Um, thanks honey 🙂

Somehow the belly doesn’t look quite as big in this one.

And a story from the day. Every Monday we go to the same restaurant. The first time we went there was this super nice lady woring who is maybe 5 years older than me, but then when we moved she wasn’t there for a while. Well, the past few weeks she’s been back and so we chat a bit and whatnot. Today, I walked in and she looked at my belly and said, “OOhhh, enjoy/good luck/local phrase that I understand and know when to use but can’t translate.” I had noticed last time we went that she *might* be pregnant too, but I wasn’t sure. I know she has a toddler and what if she just had a hard time losing the weight? So, I didn’t say anything last time…. or today. Josh and I talked about it and we’re pretty sure she is. So, the plan is to ask next week. But, I refuse to be that person who asks the not-pregnant woman when she’s due. Totally psyched myself out with that one today. I don’t want to offend her!!! Maybe she’ll wear less baggy clothes next week 🙂


30 Weeks

Ahhhh, 30 weeks! We actually started discussing the birth at our appointment last week! That means it’s close. At this point it was just which hospital have you picked (not picked… and we got a list of ones to check out next time we’re in town), when to call the doc, when to meet her at the hospital, etc. Nothing too detailed yet. But, still. 10 weeks away! Insane.

Baby boy is in a good, head down, facing back position…. but that also means we couldn’t get a pic this week because what little you could see of his face was covered by his hand that always seems to be right there. Let’s just hope it’s not there when he makes his grand entrance. He’s still got a good bit of room in there, so he’s moving around a lot. Sometimes it’s so forceful I feel like he moves my whole body! He’s looking good, though. We could see his little tongue moving this time and he was kicking and moving so much it bumped the ultrasound thingy and made the doc laugh, again. It’s a habit of his. He’s up to 1.5 kg (right over 3 pounds) and she said he’s a good size but will be a healthy but relatively small baby (yaaay!). And depending on the day, I’m up 9 or 10 kilos… which I think is right at 20 pounds and in the normal range from what I can find. I’m still trying to stay pretty active, but it’s getting harder because I’m tired and, for the third time during this pregnancy, I have a nasty cold.

Moving on. We did get to do some furniture shopping while we were in the big city this time! And we bought all the essentials…. except the crib. Seriously. We had it all picked out at Ikea and then found out it’s out of stock. And they’ll get it in this weekend when we’re 6 hours away. So, we might figure out if someone can pick it up for us or we might get one at another store. Not sure. But we did get a pack-n-play, dresser, and cubbie thingies. And an awesome support pillow for me!!! Definitely makes sleeping a bit more comfortable…if I could just breathe. And no pic because I’ve not really felt like getting dressed and presentable since we got home. I’ll try to get one up this week…