29 Weeks

We’re almost in the 30s and that is craziness. We don’t have a single piece of furniture for baby boy’s room nor have we painted it…. I guess it’s time to get crackin’. We’re hoping to get most of the stuff when we’re in the capital next week, so at least then I’ll feel more prepared 🙂

This week was another busy, crazy week but not near as crazy as last week! I’m definitely still exhausted though. I think that’s the new norm. I’ve still been able to work out consistently though, which I’m happy about. Nothing new to report, really. I didn’t gain any weight this week as of this morning, but I feel like Wednesday morning I was up a bit? Who knows. I’m in the healthy zone, so I’m not concerned. We go to the doctor next week and I can’t wait!! I’m really hoping he’s starting to turn himself into the right position  since he might get pretty cramped in there soon. He’s been moving a ton this week and it’s hilarious to watch. I think it freaks Josh out sometimes 🙂

And… this week’s funny story (ish). We try to help out with the youth/university age group at church and this week we were at the meeting and I heard my name from across the room. So, being the nosey person I am, I went over to see what they were saying. After assuring me they were saying only good things, the younger of the two asked how far along I was. When I said 6 and a half months ish, he was like, oh, yeah. See, you are very far along and you still do everything but the women here, when they’re pregnant, they just sit around and do nothing the whole time. It’s so weird that you do stuff.

Yeah, I’ve never been a sit around and do nothing kind of person and I think when I get to the point where that’s all I have the energy to do I am going to be bored out of my mind. Maybe it won’t happen 🙂 That would be nice.


One thought on “29 Weeks

  1. It doesn’t have to happen! You saw me. We probably walked 5 miles that day you were with us and Eliana came the next day. It’s gonna’ hurt a little bit, but you can do it. Keep up the good work. People in this part of the world just don’t get us crazy Americans! 🙂

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