My Mom is Awesome!

We got a package slip yesterday, but were hanging out with friends until after the post office closed…. so we waited a whole day to pick up our package! Oh, the anticipation 🙂 But, it was worth it! A few things for baby boy and random goodies for us. Don’t judge me for my poptarts. I have a slight obsession and I’ve only had them once since we moved overseas and that’s only because they randomly happened to have them in Prague.

And… the random christmas things. My mom used the card boxes to pack little stuff in, but they’ll totally make awesome decorations to put on shelves or soemthing. And… the two kid books are ‘Good Night, North Carolina’ and ‘Good Night, Virginia.’ I’m not sure where she found them, but I’m pretty excited about them!! They’re like the Good Night, Moon book, but with famous stuff from our states, which is awesome. Since baby boy will be growing up far from home, it’s nice to have things to show him what home is 🙂

Packages totally make my day!

2 thoughts on “My Mom is Awesome!

  1. Awesome!! I totally bought that same bubble bath while we were in the US, looove it! Portugal doesn’t sell bubble bath and I’ve missed it! Enjoy all of your fun goodies!!

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