We Found Trees!!

This was probably one of the longest weeks we’ve had here. Until Friday, we didn’t have time to think…. it was nuts. But it was great! By Friday, we were both ready to have a day off. So we did just that. We didn’t leave the house until probably 4 o’clock! And even then, we just went out in search of somewhere for Josh to take pictures. Somewhere not city-like where there may be trees or something nature-y. We drove up a couple wrong hills and found dead ends, but then FINALLY we found it!

And, to celebrate, I did a once-in-a-pregnancy jump shot:

It’s definitely been a while (ooooh, 6 months or so) since I’ve done one of these! But it was totally warranted. There’s only so much city a girl can take. I was sooo excited!

And, I generally don’t post terrible yet comic pictures of myself, but I laughed out loud when I saw the shot Josh captured as I was about to jump.  Hilarious.

What is with that face? I look terrified… no idea. Moving on. We stopped at the little parking lot for a few minutes to take some pics, but the fishermen there were staring at the crazy foreigners, so we moved on and walked around on the other side of the lake.

So pretty! It was wonderful. We spend a good 2 hours just wandering around, enjoying the nice weather and the smell of trees and animals.

And, we’re now hit 28 weeks! It’s going by so fast! This week I can definitely notice I’m getting somewhat closer to the end. I’ve definitely been sleeping more… by 10 most nights I am exhausted. And thanks to baby boy I get up a few times every night for a potty run. So, I’ve been sleeping til 9ish! Insane. Maybe not sleeping the whole time, but I’m at least resting 🙂 And I think my ribs are expanding or separating or something because they’re pretty sore. He’s not started kicking them yet, but I can only imagine.

Weird smile, not sure what’s up with that. And I think my face is getting chubby, but Josh says it looks the same as normal… so maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the lighting. As of this morning, I’m up 7 kilos (15-16 pounds-ish). I think that’s on track from what I’ve read. Anyway. How ’bout some comparisons this week.

  What a difference 3 months makes. I don’t have a front shot from 13 weeks, so this was at 14 when my pants were sort of maybe starting to get tighter? It took a while. Anyway, he’s definitely way bigger in there 🙂 Obviously.

We are pretty slow with finding baby furniture… mainly because the capital has more options so we always wait til we go there. But we did find a pack-n-play online that we might just order (from a store in the capital, so really the same thing). AND still no cravings or aversions, which I think is a minor miracle. Though, I have had my share of easter candy lately thanks to Josh’s mom 🙂


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